KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Monday, November 1, 2010



Continuing with :   Deepak Rambhav Kamble

Ques : Which of these does not fall on the same day every year according to western calender ?

1. Teacher's Day
2. Gandhi Jayanti
3. Buddha Purnima
4. Bal Diwas

Ans : Buddha Purnima  ; Teacher's Day is on 5th sep, Gandhi Jayanti on 2 oct, Bal diwas on 14 nov.

Ques : Which of these is the name of a place in Madhya Pradesh famous for its Diamond Mines as well as green gemstone?

1. Panna
2. Pukhraas
3. Neelam
4. Billar

Ans : Panna; panna is also known as Diamond city

Ques: On Which of these actors is the song picturised ?

1. Dev Anand
2. Sunil Datt]
3.Rajesh Khanna
4. Dilip Kumar

Ans : Sunil Datt. Kishor kumar sang song in the film Parosan.

Ques : In which of these states have father ans son not been chief minister ?

1. Bihar
2. Karnataka
3. orissa
4. Haryana

Ans : Bihar

Ques : What is the Middle name of Sachin tendulkar?

1. Ravi
2. Ramesh
3. Rajesh
4. Ramakant

Ans : Ramesh

Ques : Maulana Abul kalam azad's birthday on 11 Nov. is celebrated in India as What ?

1. National Education Day
2. National integration Day
3. National Minority day
4. National Sports Day

Ans : National Education day

Ques: To whom did Jawaharlal Nehrudedicate his book " The Discovery of India"?

1. MIll Workers, Ahmedabad
2. Prisoner's of Ahmadnagar jail
3. Family in Allahabad
4. People of india

Ans : Family in Allahabad


NEXT PLAYER : Gunjan Shukla

Ques : Which of these nursery rhyme charactor is usually protrayed with as Egg?

1. Twinkle- Twinklw Little star
2. Humpty- Dumpty
3. Zill- Zack

Ans : Humpty- Dumpty

Ques: THe Player of which game is known is known as " Shuttler "?

1. Table tennis
2. Badminton
3. Boxing
4. Wrestling

Ans : Badminton

Ques : Which of these Prime Minister was the Grand Son of another Prime Minister?

1. Benazir Bhutto
2. Indira Gandhi
3. Rajiv Gandhi
4. chandrika Kumartunga

Ans : Rajiv gandhi

Ques: What is the National Tree of India?

1. Sandal Wood
2. Peepal
3. Mango
4. Banyan

Ans: Banyan

Ques : Who is the Music director of this Song ?

1. O P Nayyar
2. S D Burman
3. Naushad
4. khayyam

Ans : Khayyam



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