KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Beginning of Diwali Specials Episodes :-

Special Episodes for charity 


 This Special Episode of KBC Played for charity by "Action Replay" Team for "Being Human charitable organisation"

The Rules of HOTSEAT  were differnet w.r.t other Episodes.

Total Prize worth : Rs.1 crore

No. of Ques : 15, only one station at Rs. 10,000 and one Lifeline as "Pass the question".

Few Important Questions with Answers :

Ques : According to a popular Bhajan, who is reffered to as ' Shirde Wale "?

1. Guru Nanak 2. Gautam Buddha  3. Kabir  4.  Sai Baba

Ans : Sai Baba

Ques: What were Kalkatta, Magahi, Banarsi varieties of ?

Ans : Paan

Ques : Which of these Gods is believed to be Bal Brahm charri ?

ANs : Hanuman

Ques: who hosted the reality TV show " Lift Kara De "?

Ans : Karan Johar

 Ques :Which of these sporting events have Doubles and Mixed Doubles categories?

Ans : Squash

Ques:Curve, Javelin, storm , Bold are varities of which of these instruments?

Ans : Black Berry

Ques: Which of these states has a separate winter and summer capital ?

Ans : Jammu & Kashmir

Ques : which of these is a traditional Sikh Martial art named after a stick used to practice sword fighting?

Ans : Gatka

Ques: What does 'Kesari' mean in " Punjab Kesari" a popular title of Lala Lajpat Rai"?

Ans : Lion


2nd November HOT SEAT with famous Indian Players for charity

Few Important Questions are :

Ques: Which Place is Home to the East Bengal football club ?

Ans : Kolkatta

Ques :Who is the Present Bishop of Rome ?

Ans: Benedict XVI

Ques : Which Bollywood actress shares her name with a Hurricane tha hit the USA in 2005 ?

Ans : Katrina

Ques : Which of the following games is named after a village in Gloucestershire, England ?

Ans : Badminton

Ques :Who became President of the ICC in 2010 ?

Ans : Sharad Pawar


3rd November HOT SEAT with TV Daily Soap characters for charity

 Few Questions are : 

Ques :Which of these is a star in our Solar system ?

Ans : Sun

Ques: which of these words means "Fearless" in Hindi?

Ans : Dabaang

Ques: What is the full form of "IPL"?

Ans : Indian Premier Leauge

Ques: Which of these products is not obtained for a four legged creatures?

Ans : Honey among Milk, leather, wool

Ques: which of these garments is named after an italian Island?

Ans: Capris among Bermudas, Poncho, Bikini

Ques: Which of these is a pair of brothers in the Ramayana?

Ans : Luv- kush

Ques:Which of these is carried out once every ten yeras in India?

Ans : Census, among Election of India, General election,Kumbh Mela.

Ques:Which monument would be visible from the window of this Hotel ?

Ans : Gateway of India among India Gate, Victoria Memorial and Charminar

Ques: Who did the king of Jhansi, Gangadhar Rao, marry in 1842?

1. Ahilya Bai

2. Mani Karnika

3. durga Vati

4. Moti Bai

Ans:Mani Karnika

Ques: The Wives of cricketers Sachin Tendulkar ans Rahul Dravid belong to which Profession ?

Ans : Medicine , Both are Doctors 


4th November HOT SEAT with Golmaal 3  characters for charity

Few Questions are :

Ques :galuti, Kakori, Shaami and seekh are types of what ?

Ans : Kebab

Ques : Which of these is a technique to send and recieve data on a mobile device?

Ans : Blue tooth

Ques :Which of these is a type of gown worm in kashmir?

Ans : Phiran

Ques : Which of these names means "Prosperous" and " Full of Life "?

Ans : Aamir

Ques: Which of these Hindi fim stars has never held a ministerial portfolio in the Indian Government ?

Ans : Dharmendra among Shatraghan sinha, Sunil Datt, Vinod Khanna

Ques: Who was the king of lanka immediately before Vibhishana?

Ans: Ravaana

Ques: What is the name of Priyanka Chopra's official website ?

Ans : iampriyankachopra

Ques: Which colour shirts does an Umpire wear in IPL Matches?

Ans : Red

Ques: Which film maker's last Hindi film as director was tilted Mr. India ?

Ans : G.P sippy

Ques: Which of these the recorded the fastest speed ?

1. Cricket Delivery

2. Tennis Serve

3. Badminton Serve

4. Javelin Throw

Ans : Badminton serve

Ques :what is the full form of "cc" in the context of letters and E- Mail Messages ?

Ans : Carbon copy

Ques: Which country has won the football world cup five times ?

Ans : Brazil


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