KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  1. Sir u r exemplary in TV live reality show anchoring and without SEX MUSIC Female Assistance on screen... by simply touching the Hot seat persons heart , Studio Audience and all those watching on TV... I like your conservative empathetic approach You make entire tv audience as a player... a magic..but would like some loopholes ... mistakes done in past by questions controversies www.drharkant.blogspot.com
    Blog id..
    Hate KBC and Love KBC as I have my doubts about 1 to 5 CR journey and past injustice where you could have done a better.. and still a suggestion to wipe of ..

  2. Slum Dog M film guys ….. had BONUS media wave as linking……….,,,,, as they are champs in converting averages to EVERESTS…..could have influenced….

    And those 4 CRS could have been used more wisely… but SONY saw a lower economical group of people would reach people DIRECTLY more precisely… It is extremely rare for thoses moments to be repeated ,,,,, go for MAXIMUM tvr TRP … they succeeded got near 4 and came 2nd…..in that week.
    Even if SONY has done what I suspect…. This is OK …. I would have done the above way….

  3. Not the whole episode fixed… but I have my reasonable doubts in Sunil Kumar’s 1 to 5 CR journey …….. it is … little fishy

    It was planned on next day…. Tele line phone a friend …. Then 2 option answers Mr Sunil rattled not sure 100% still ……. decision prima facer difficult question should have been left un attempted…
    Body languages of his family members were not that urging….He behaved like as if told only right sided of screen answers are not true…….France not going to nicobar such a fact how can he …………be SO SURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He pokered 4 CR at a time !!!!!!(friend corrected 4 CR- His padav money !!!) { for diggy ,,,,,,Tax and other liabilities not included !!)
    He had a 2 options life line pending could have been briefed that answer from lt side screen only Half truth so as to keep his nerves little restless and …. Could be clouded….

  4. A girl who was saved by fighting mother whose kith kins were not allowing in days of this feticides society…kept her honor of motherhood and brought up the girl to achieve some thing through KBC,,,,,,,,,,, was tricked out with no prize on some tricky question…. At least if we encourage the many others as you say aise vaise ko diya hai isko bhee to lift kara de…..

    There are lot many instances were better could have been done….
    So let us DO….

    A humble suggestion now the match is over and descision can not be rectified,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but a SECOND CHANCE to all these people …… to play directly to fast finger or on hot seat direct … love all … FIRST Q….

  5. Recently in second name of Rajiv Gandhi they okayed Rajiv Ratna Gandhi And not father name second being Rajiv Feroze Gandhi

    If Amitabh kumar Harivanshrai Bachchan is not MR A. H.BACHCHAN ??? and only AK Bachchan ?!!! in UP Virendra Kumar Pratap Mishra is
    VK Mishra but it is VKP Mishra but here there are many kumars chandras rai s , kants etc…. they cannot be called second name…

    How about EAS Prasanna and many south Indian and Portuguese inclined names??? Some South Indians are also adding their society and geographical village names ….Right or Wrong either way answer can be argued out….

    I oppose this…When we are talking quality … Let Truth be prevealed

    See who is the victim ? a rising aspiring young individual who has left early study and started reading those stuffs later in life a genus turned down….
    Second name is of fathers name universally all most…

  6. ^…Other day..Even expert said…. Pupil is a natural hole created by iris … the muscle of irish has blood supply and autonomous nerve supply the virtual hole is PUPIL… in true sense it is hole with no structure??/ but the structure is surrounded by iris only !!!! So King Or Cross both go on arguing !!!!!!!!!! iris circularis muscle contracts and pupil smaller to allow less light works as aperture shutter hole… shutter is iris and the whole virtual created is pupil !!!!!!
    AG accountant general of State is responsible for audit of financial state level financial transactions.
    Comp rotor General is Financial Advisor to Government of India… here also expert guided answer was dubious … as practically equivocal both are.
    The options were extremely greedy tricky… We are talking facts ,, No controversies… Smart Play looking dicey is O K.

    In very past episodes of yesteryears a lady though won 3 lac or so but deserved to win lot more… She used to answer before the options were put forward by quiz master THE GREAT AB…
    I recollect the answer was southernmost part of India not Kanya Kumari but Indira island of ANDAMAN NICOBAR SONY it was not you people.. so This is not your baby I know..


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