KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Improved and Smart KBC 5


All New and Improved KBC 5: Kaun Banega Crorepati

Sony launched the new season of Kaun Banega Crorepati, (KBC) last night, looking to this one show for getting them back in reckoning for the leadership of the Hindi general entertainment channels — where they have been trailing STAR Plus, Zee and Colors for pretty much all of the last few years.

Will the new KBC deliver and bring in the viewers for Sony? Typically a reality (non fiction) show needs to score on three to four parameters — the concept, the anchor, celebrity quotient and drama (from participants when they win, lose or get eliminated)

Bachchan, with his ability as an actor and as a public speaker, combined with his command over both English and Hindi, is certainly a great choice to anchor the show. AFP

As a reality show KBC scores significantly on the show concept, on the anchor and on the celebrity quotient.

The familiarity of the show concept works in favour of KBC as the viewer find it easy to connect with and start enjoying the show from the word go — unlike what we’ve seen with many new shows that fail to garner viewership when the concept is difficult to understand immediately or takes time to seep in.

Let’s get to the anchor of the show — Amitabh Bachchan. Few anchors can do a repeat performance which is as good, or better, than the first/original season. Bachchan, with his ability as an actor and as a public speaker, combined with his command over both English and Hindi, is a great choice to anchor the show. Last night’s performance brought all his abilities to the fore — combined with a lot of grace.

This brings us to the show itself — especially the areas where the show has seen changes. Sony has added some elements designed to improve the engagement quotient of the show — most required as KBC has typically experienced a drop in viewership as the season progresses — the viewership drops even more significantly towards the end.

What are these new elements — and will they be game-changers?

• The Rs 5 crore winning prize is now a part of the ‘money tree’ on the 13th question. Last year, it was for the jackpot question. The implication of this is that any participant could now win Rs 5 crore rather than the original Rs 1 crore.

• A participant now chooses his/her Manchaha Padav (safe haven). The contestant gets to choose a ‘safe haven’ on the money tree (which has 13 levels). The contestant has all the four Life lines available from the start and can position the safe haven wherever he wants, but the questions will be timed at 45 seconds until the contestant reaches that level they have chosen. Questions beyond this do not have any time restriction, and crossing the safe haven ensures that he gets at least prize money linked to padav question on the money tree. This move makes for an interesting variation for the audience.

• Audience Jackpot: An interesting change here, where the viewer can win Rs 1 lakh, which can go upto Rs 3 lakh if the participant chooses to answer a question asked live on the show. The prize money can be more than Rs 3 lakh, depending on a ‘carry forward kitty’ that gets accumulated either due to wrong answers/non participation on live questions.

• Bachchan’s engagement with participants has gone up significantly. Last night, he surprised a participant by connecting him on the phone line to his idol — Yuvraj Singh — impromptu. This adds to the ‘wow’ factor for viewers — and audiences will now wait for such off-the cuff-happenings on the program.

Overall, the show is tight — and the above game changers make for a good television. Will the show buck the trend and draw in viewership levels at the end of the season? Time will tell, but Sony has done good job in analysing what they needed to do and have added elements that certainly make the show work harder.


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