KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

KBC questions of Sixth Episode Dated 23rd August 2011

Continuing with Roll Over Contestant : Jyotsna Suri Gandotra
Today’s Expert : Rajeev Makhani.

Sixth  Episode will Start on 23rd August at 08:30 PM on SONY TV, with 10 New Fresh contestants. Earlier on 22nd August " Pradeep Kumar Mishra and Jyotsna Suri Gandotra , played KBC with Amitabh Bachchan.

Continuing with following  contestant  :-
  • Atul Tankhlaw
  • Velani Dhaval Kumar
  • Meena V Gupta
  • Rohini Grover
  • Bhashkar Namdeo Wakale.
  • Priti Chandrashekhar
  • Jyotasna Suri Gandotra
  • Priyanka 
  • Prashant Chakraborty.

Here are the questions that were asked during the 
Sixth Episode on 23rd August (Tuesday) :-

Ques :- Which of these bills was passed by the Lok Sabha for the first time in 1969 ?

A. Women's Reservation
B. Lokpal
C. Minority Reservation
D. Land Acquisition

Ans : B. Lokpal

Ques :-What achievement, the first for women In India, was shared by kadambini Ganguly and chandramukhi Basu ?

A. Pilot Licence
B. Graduation Degrees
C. Law Practice
D. Government Jobs

Ans :  B. Graduation Degrees

At this Stage , She Won : 6,40,000/-
Fastest Finger First Question :-

Starting with the Slowest, arrange these animals in increasing order of their speeds.

A. Tortoise
B. Goat
c. Horse
D. Cheetah

Ans : A-D-B-C.

Next Player : Velani Dhaval Kumar, from Gujrat

Ques No 01: Complete this proverb: " Deewarai Ke Bhi ___________ Hote Hain" ?

A. Kaan
B. Taang
C. Daant
D. Baal

Ans : A. Kaan

Ques No 02: Which of these is a popular roasted bread snack from Gujarat ?

A. Pitla
B. Bhakri
C. Khakra
D. Dhokla

Ans: C. Khakra

Ques No 03 :In our Solar system, which of these has eight planets orbiting it ?

A. Earth
B. Sun
C. Moon
D. Saturn

Ans: B. Sun

Ques No :04:Which of these is a set of Jainism that does not  believe in wearing garments ?

A. Shwetambar
B. Neelambar
C. Pitamber
D. Digmaber

Ans : D. Digmaber

Ques No :05:Which of these did Mughal emperor Akbar build to commemorate his victory over Gujrat ?

A. Buland Darwaza
B. Agra Fort
C. Sheesh Mahal
D. Mina Masjid

Ans : A. Buland Darwaza

Ques No :06: Which of these painters is associated with the famous art gallery ' Amdavad ni Gufa' ?

A. S H Raza
B. F N Souza
C. M F Hussain
D. H A Gade

Ans: C. M F Hussain

Ques No: 07: What term was coined by Mahatma Gandhi for the tribal people of India ?

A. Harijan
B. Girijan
C. Vanjan
D. Aadijan

Ans: B. Girijan

Ques No :08: Who among the following has taken the oath three times for the post of Prime Minister ?

A. Manmohan Singh
B. Gulzari Lal Nanda
C. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
D. Charan Singh

Ans:     C. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

At this Stage , Velani Kumar Won : 3,20,000/-
Next Fastest Finger First Question :-

Ques : Arrange these items as they are normally worn from head to toe ?

A. Bareilly ke Jhumke
B. Ferozabad ki Chudiyan
C. Kolhapuri Chappal
D. Gandhi Topi

Ans : D-A-B-C

Next Contestant :  Shagufta Kazi, Kurla Mumbai

Roll over Contestant : Shagufta Kazi

Watch this Place between 08:30 PM to 11 PM for Questions , Answers, Fastest Finger First Questions, Videos, and Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Questions. 

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