KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

KBC questions of 18th Episode Dated 13th September 2011

18th  Episode will Start on 13th September at 08:30 PM on SONY TV, with 7 New contestants to 
play KBC with Amitabh Bachchan.

Today’s Expert : Siddharth Kak, Film Director

Name of the  Contestants  are :

  • Sweta Bajpayee, M.P
  • Yogesh Bishnu , Mumbai
  • Santosh Banger, Manglore
  • Reena , U.P
  • Mamta Kumari, H.P
  • Tapan, Kolkatta
  • Sagar Papet, Maharashtra
  • Dinesh, Kerala
  • Yusuf Mallik, Rajashthan
  • Sanjay Kumar Choudhary, Dharbhanga, Bihar

  First Fastest Question of the Day :-

Ques :- Arrange these words to make a Hindi proverb ?

A. Munh  B. Apne  C. Miyan  D. Mithu

Ans :- B-A-C-D

Todays first contestant :- Mamta Kumari, H.P

Ques NO :01:  Which of these was a regular feature on earlier versions of ' Kaun Banega Crorepati'?
A. Twenty - Twenty
B. Forty- forty
C. Fifty - Fifty
D. One Two Ka Four.

Ans :C. Fifty - Fifty

Ques No :02: Which of these professions is mos associated with Lord Krishna when he was a Young man of Gokul ?

A.  Charioteer
B. Fisherman
C. Snake Charmer
D. Cowherd

Ans : D. Cowherd

Ques No :03:In a TV advertisement for IDEA , ' Sir Jee' suggests the use of 3G to control what ?

A. Population
B. Emotion
C. Inflation
D. Exploitation

Ans :-A. Population

Ques No :04:Which sport would you need to engage in to become a Formula 1 Champion ?

A. Golf
B. Car Racing
C. Boat Racing
D. Billiards

Ans :B. Car Racing

Ques NO :05: In Which film did this song feature ?

A. Johny Mera Naam
B. Heera Panna
C. Guide
D. Jewel Thief

Ans:C. Guide

Ques No :06: What is located at Chail in Himachal Pradesh that is the highest in the world ?

A. Railway Station
B. Cricket Ground
C. Motorable Road
D. Airport Road

Ans :- B. Cricket Ground

Ques No :07: What name was given to the storm that hit the East Coast of the United States in August 2011 ? 

A. Katrina
B. Pipa
C. Kate
D. Irene

Ans :D. Irene

Ques No :08:With Whom did the British sign the Treaty of Amritsar in 1809 ?

A. Ranjit singh
B. Sada Kaur
C. Sheh Zaman
D. Dalip Singh

Ans:A. Ranjit singh

Ques NO :09: What would be the equivalent of Fahrenheit 451 if it were converted into degree Celsius ? 

A. 754
B. 233
C. 869
D. 381

Ans:B. 233

Ques : Who is the First Women to be appointed Director General of Police of a State of India ?

A. Meera Borwankar
B. Kiran Bedi
C. Kanchan C Bhattacharya
D. Kanwaljeet Deol

Ans:C. Kanchan C Bhattacharya

Continuing with Santosh Kumar on Wednesday : 14/09/2011

Watch this Place between 08:30 PM to 11 PM for Questions , Answers, Fastest Finger First Questions, Videos, and Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Questions.  


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