KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

KBC questions of 23rd Episode Dated 21st September 2011

23rd  Episode will Start on 21st September at 08:30 PM on SONY TV, with 6 New contestants to 
play KBC with Amitabh Bachchan.

Continuing with Anita Pawar, Uttrakhand

Today’s Expert :  Majumdar

Name of the  Contestants  are :

  1. Amita Singh, M. P
  2. Sridhar Sharma, Shimla
  3. Bhaibhav Yashwant, Mumbai
  4. Parmila Patel, M.P
  5. Shikha Pruthi, Haryana
  6. Priyanka Srivastava, M.P
  7. Nitin Kumar, Ghaziabad
  8. Dr. Veena Mahendra Jain, Mumbai
  9. Anita Pawar, Uttrakhand
  10. Jai Kishore sahu, Orissa

Ques No:01:  "Yada yada hi dharmasya, glanir bhavati bharata, abhyutthanam adharmasya, tadatmanam srjamy aham' is a  shloka from which text ?
Ans : Bhagavad Gita

Ques No:02: Who is the only captain to have led his team to wins in both ICC world Cup  and T20 World Cup  titles ?

A. Andrew Strauss
B. M. S Dhoni
C. Kumar Sangakara
D. Ricky Ponting

Ans : B. M. S Dhoni

Ques No :03: Nelson Mandela was sentenced  to life imprisonment  for protests against what ?
A. Corruption
B. Foreign Rule
C. Illegal Mining
D. Aparthid

Ans: D. Aparthid

Ques No :04: Who took away the famous  ' Koh-i-Noor' diamond from India to persia in 1739 ?
A. Nadir Shah
B. Ghengis Khan
C. Tamar Lane
D. Ahmad Shah Abdali

Ans : A. Nadir Shah

Ques No :05:On whose life is the award winning documentry ' Yes Madam, Sir' based' ?

A. Mayawati
B. Sonia Gandhi
C. Indira Gandhi
D. Kiran Bedi

Ans :D.Kiran Bedi

Ques No :06: Which Hindi author wrote Urdu poetry under the pen-name ' Rasa' ?

A. Jai Shankar Prasad
B. Bharatendu Harish Chandra
C. Suryakanti Tripathi
D. Raghupati Sahay

Ans:-B. Bharatendu Harish Chandra

Ques No :07: Which country got independence on 9 July 2011 and thus became the youngest nation in the world ? 

A. Timor
B. Abkhazia
C. South Sudan
D. Eritrea

Ans :C. South Sudan

Question for one Crore to Anita Pawar :

Ques No :08: In 1905, Suzanne R D Tata became the first woman in India to do what ?

A. Co-pilot of an aircraft.
B. Earn a PhD.
C. Drive a Car
D. Start a Cosmetic Company

Ans :C. Drive a Car

Anita Pawar Won : 50 Lakh

Fastest Finger First Question :
Arrange these words to make a Hindi proverb.
A. Lotna
B. Saanp
C. Par
D. Kaleja

Ans :  D-C-B-A

Next Player : Parmila Patel, Madhya Pradesh


A. Mother
B. Cousion
C. Aunt
D. Sister

Ans :D. Sister

Ques No :02: Which of these is the correct meaning of the Hindi saying ' Khari Khoti Sunaana' ?
A. Speak Lovingly
B. Give Advice
C. Criticize
D. Chugle Karna

Ans :C. Criticize

Ques No :03: Which of these historical or mythological figures was not blind ?
B. Shravan's Father and Mother
C. Sant Surdas
D. Gandhari

Ans :D. Gandhari

Ques No:04:  Which of these leaders is not an MLA ?

A. Sushma Swaraj
B. Vasundhara Raj Scindia
C. Sheila Dixit
D. Jayalalita

Ans: A. Sushma Swaraj

Ques No :05: With which sport would you associate the tournament Thomas Cup and Uber Cup ? 

A. Tennis
B. Hockey
C. Badminton
D. Table Tennis

Ans :C. Badminton

Ques No :06: Which leader had to step down from power following mass protests at Tahrir Square in 2011 ?

A. Muammar Gaddafi
B. Robert Magabe
C. Hosni Mubarak
D. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali

Ans: C. Hosni Mubarak

She won: 1, 60,000/-

Next Player ; Nitin Sherawat,
Continuing with him...............


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