KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Monday, September 26, 2011

KBC questions of 25th Episode Dated 26nd September 2011

25th  Episode will Start on 26nd September at 08:30 PM on 
SONY TV, with 10 New contestants to 
play KBC with Amitabh Bachchan.

Watch this Place between 08:30 PM to 11 PM for Questions , Answers, Fastest Finger First Questions, Videos, and Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Questions.  
Today’s Expert : Ajit Rannade

Continuing Dr. Veena Mahendra Jain : 

Ques No :01:The Period of 25 June 1975 to 21st March 1977 is associated with which of these incidents ?
A. Indo-Pak war
B. Vietanam War
C. Internal Emergency in India
D. First Non- Congress Govt. in India.

Ans : C. Internal Emergency in India

Ques No :02: Which of these is the women's equivalent of the Davis Cup, where national teams compete  against each other. ?

A. Roger's Cup 
B.Hopman Cup
C. Kremlion Cup
D. Fed Cup

Ans : D. Fed Cup
She Won : 1 Lakh 60 thousand

Name of the  Contestants  are :
  1.  Jyoti Kumar Mishra
  2. Fula Devi
  3. Ling Gartia
  4. Divya T.B
  5. Satish Kr. Arya
  6. Shashad Ajij
  7. Manju Singh
  8. Toshiba Shukla
  9. Binayaka Goswami
  10. Richa Jain.

First Fastest Finger First Question :-

Ques : Starting with the earliest, arrange these singers according to the year they  made their debut in Hindi Cinema .

A. Sherya Ghosal
B. Lata Mangeshkar
C. Sunidhi Chauchan
D. Alka Yagini

First Contestant :-

Binayaka Goswami from West Bengal :-

Ques No :01: Which of these correctly describes an ' Amavas' night ?

A. Suhaag Raat

B.Chandani Raat
C. Barsaat ki Raat
D. Kaali Andheri Raat

Ans : D. Kaali Andheri Raat

Ques No :02:Whose 'roop' is Rajesh Khanna singing about in the song, " Roop tera mastana, Pyaar mera diwana' ?

A. Tanujja
B. Mumtaz
C. Sharmila Tagore
D. Asha Parekh

Ans :C. Sharmila Tagore

Ques No :03:  What is the national fish of Bangladesh ?

A. Rohu
B. Katla
C. Hilsa
D. Koi

Ans : C. Hilsa

Ques No :04: Which sport would you watch at the ATP World Tour Finale ? 

A.  Tennis
B. Taekwondo
C. Table Tennis
D. Triathlon

Ans : A.  Tennis

Ques No :05: According to Puranic beliefs, who records the vices and virtues of men in " Yamlok" ?

A. Skanda gupta
B. Narada
C. Abhijeet
D. Chitragupta

Ans : D. Chitragupta

Ques NO :06: In which state does the river Teesta originate ?

A. West Bengal
B. Sikkim
C. Bihar
D. Assam

Ans : B. Sikkim

Ques NO :07:   What Zulu word, also associated with a  sport , literally means ' rejoice' ?

A. Jabulani
B. Haka
C. Vuvuzula
D. Waka Waka

Ans : A. Jabulani

Ques No :08: Who became the first judge to face impeachment proceeding by the Parliament in India ?

A. Justice PD Dinakaran
B. Justice Soumitra Sen
C. Justice V RamaSwami
D. Justice A M Bhattacharjee

Ans : C. Justice V RamaSwami

Ques No :09: Which bird  makes the longest annual migration of any bird, as it travels from the Arctic to Antarctica and Back ? 

A. Arctic Tern
B. Siberain Crane
C. Manx Shearwater
D. Wandering Albatross

He Won : 12,50,000/-

Next Fastest Finger First Question :-

Ques :- Starting from the North, and moving towards the south, arrange these types of dances according to the states they originate in

A. Garba
B. BharatNatyam
C. Lavni
D. Bhangra

Ans : D-A-C-B

Second Contestant :  Shashad Ajij

Ques No :01: Which of these does the term ' hafta' mean often on the streets and in Hindi films?

A. A Week Day
B. Protection Money
C. Pistol
D. Half Mind

Ans :  B. Protection Money

Ques No :02: In Cricket, to perform which of the these activities is a ' nightwatchman' sent to the field ?

A. Batting
B. Umpiring
C. Bowling
D. Wicket Keeping

Ans : A. Batting

Ques No :03: with which characterfrom a TV ad would you associate this line" Wah! _ _ , naya ghar, ......nayi gaadi.......nayi Mrs.........Badiya hai ?

A. Babu Moshai
B.Hai Sadu
C. Kumar Saheb
D. Sunil Babu

Ans :D. Sunil Babu

Ques No :04: Who succeeded general Pervez Musharraf as the chief of Army Staff of Pakistan ?

A. General  Parvez Kayani
B. General Ahmed Shuja Pasha
C. General Aslam Beg
D. General Tariq Majid

Ans : General  Parvez Kayani

Continuing with Roll Over Contestant :-Shashad Ajij on 27/09/2011 i.e on Tuesday.


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