KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

KBC questions of 26th Episode Dated 27th September 2011

26th  Episode will Start on 27th September at 08:30 PM on 
SONY TV, with 8 New contestants and 
one Roll Over Contestant to 
play KBC with Amitabh Bachchan.

Continuing with : Shashad Ajij

Watch this Place between 08:30 PM to 11 PM for Questions , Answers, Fastest Finger First Questions, Videos, and Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Questions.  

Today’s Expert : Ajit Rannade

Continuing with : Shashad Ajij
Ques No :01:  Which of these forts served as chhatrapti shivaji's capital ?

A. Murud
B. Sinhagad
C. Raigad
D. Panhala

Ans :  C. Raigad

Ques No:02: Started in 2011, the " 7 Billion Actions' campaign is associated with which day celebrated annualy on 11 July ?

A. World AIDS Day
B. World Population Day
C. World Labour Day
D.  World Literacy Day

Ans :  B. World Population Day

Shashad Ajij Won Zero

Fastest Finger Question :-

Ques :Starting from the top, and moving down, arrange these phrases according to the parts of the human body mentioned in them.

A. Naak ka Baal
B. Sir ka Bojh
C. Aankh ka Taara
D. Gale ki Haddi

Ans : B C A D 

Next Player : Ling Raj Gartia, Orissa 
Ques no :01:  "Prabhat Pheri' is the name given to a march held during which time of the day ?

A. Evening
B. Afternoon
C. Dawk
D. Dusk

Ans : C. Dawk

Ques No :02: In a standerd pack of playing cards, which of these has ' J' written on it ?

A. Badshah
B. Ikka
C. Begum
D. Ghulam

Ans : D. Ghulam

Ques No :03: with which of these festivals is Vijayadashmi tradionally associated ?

A. Diwali
B. Durga Puja
C. Goverdhan Puja
D. Basant Panchami

Ans : B. Durga Puja

Ques No :04: Which of these creatures develop into an adult after going through three stages, egg, larva and pupa ? 

A. Bat
B. Snake
C. Ant
D. Lizard

Ans :C. Ant

Ques No :05: Author Gita Mehta is the daughter of which former Chief Minister of Orissa ?

A. J B Patnaik
B. Giridhar Gomang
C. Biju Patnaik
D. Binayak Acharya

Ans : C. Biju Patnaik

Ques No :06: Through which of these states does the tropic of cancer pass ?

A. Orissa
B. Chhattisgarh
C. Bihar
D. Uttar Pradesh

Ans : B. Chhattisgarh
He Won, 1 Lakh 20 thousand/-

Next Fastest Finger First Question :- 

Ques : Stating with the first, arrange these customers or rituals performed during a traditional Hindi Wedding ?

A. Chud Chadi
B. Baarat Swagal
C. Sehra Bandi
D. Joota Chhupayi

Ans : C-B-A-D

NEXT Player :- Manju Singh, Madhya Pradesh

Ques No :01:Which of these does a goat do ?

A. Bleats
B. Neighs
C. Tisses
D. Trumpets

Ans : A. Bleats

Ques No :02: What sport uses a net, racquet, bali and table ?

A. Netball
B. Table Tennis
C. Racquet ball
D. Lawn Tennis

Ans:  B. Table Tennis

Ques No :03: Which of these professions can be a member of the Bar Association ?

A. Gymnasts
B. Lawyers
C. Bartenders
D. Bouncers

Ans : B. Lawyers

Ques No:04:  What is the purest form of gold called in Hindi ?

A. Keten
B. Kankhat
C. Kundan
D. Kani

Ans : C. Kundan

Ques No :05: Capped , Nilgiri and Golden are species of which of these animals ?

A. Deer
B. Buffalo
C. Langur
D. Camel

Ans :C. Langur

Continuing with  Manju singh Ji on Wednesday, i.e on  28/09/2011


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