KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

KBC questions of 40th Episode Dated 20th October 2011

40th Episode will Start on 20th October at 08:30 PM
on SONY TV, with our Roll over contestent and with king khan
to play KBC with Amitabh Bachchan.

Khan on HotSeat

Questions asked to Shahrukh khan in KBC
Continuing with our Rollover Contestant ,Manisha Singh, U.P.

Ques No :01: In Which of these months in India would you witness the shortest day of the Year? 
A. March
B. September
C. June
D. December

Ans : D. December

Ques No :02:Which Place near Varanasi is famous for a type of Ramlila statred by king Udit Narayan Singh ?
A. Chunar
B. Mirzapur
C. Ramnagar
D. Sarnath

Ans : C. Ramnagar

Ques NO :03:Which of these filmstar' father is a member of the 15th Lok Sabha ?
A. Sonakshi Sinha
B. Esha Deol
C. Twinkle Khanna
D. Ritesh Deshmukh.

Ans: A. Sonakshi Sinha

Manisha Singh, U.P. won 80,000 only/-

Next Contestent : Shahrukh Khan; Questions are as follows :-

Ques NO :01: What is the name given to a person who happily lives in his own world ?www.kbcofficial.blogspot.com

A. Harfan Maula
B. Mast Maula
C. Maula Mere Maula
D. Hajmola

Ans : B. Mast Maula

Ques No:02: Which of these fibers is produced by an insect ? 

A. Silk
B. Cotton
C. Jute
D. Wool

Ans : A. Silk

Ques NO :03: In the world of stories, Mullah Nasruddin is best known for having which of these qualities ?www.kbcofficial.blogspot.com

A. Magic
B. Supernatural Power
C. Quick-Wittedness
D. Beauty

Ans: C. Quick-Wittedness

Ques NO :04:Which fictional robot has thespeed of 1 teraherts, and a 1 zettabyte Memory ?

A. Ra.One
B. Chitti

Ans: B. Chitti

Ques No :05:After Whom is India's first Formula 1 track named ?www.kbcofficial.blogspot.com

A. Vishnuwww.kbcofficial.blogspot.com
B. Shiva
C. Buddha
D. Mahavira

Ans:C. Buddha

Ques No:06: In Islam, What is a person who has completely memorized or can recites the Quran by Heart called ?

A. Ismail
B. Hafiz
C. Hakim
D. Rahim

Ans:   B. Hafizwww.kbcofficial.blogspot.com

Ques NO:07: The Natinal capital of which of these countries is holy of three of the world's major religions ?

A. Cyprus
B. Jordan
C. Italy
D. Israel

Ans: D. Israel

Ques No :08: Which was the only portfolio that actor-turned-politician Sunil Dutt held as Union Minister ?

A. Youth Affairs and Sports
B. Health and Family Welfare
C. Rural Development.
D. Information and Broadcasting.

Ans :  A. Youth Affairs and Sportswww.kbcofficial.blogspot.com

Ques No :09: Which of these companies is named after a river ?

A. Samsung
B. Sony
C. Nokia
D. Sansui

Ans:   C. Nokia

Ques NO:10 Which of these rulers is reffered to as ' Devanampiya' ansd ' Piyadassi' in his edicts written in the Brahmi Scripts ?

A. Chandragupta Maurya
B. Ashoka
C. Chandragupta II
D. Samundragupta

Ans: B. Ashoka

Shahrukh Khan won 50 Lakh, He will Make Donation for Lila Wati Cancer Department.

Best Wishes for his Next film : Ra.One :

Next Episodes will be Diwali Special and Jodi Special.

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