KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Monday, October 31, 2011

KBC questions of 45th Episode Dated 31st October 2011

45th Episode will Start on 31st October at 08:30 PM
on SONY TV, with 10 new Contestent
to play KBC with Amitabh Bachchan.

Watch this Show to Reveal the Question of 5 Crore

Introducing  10 New Contestant:-

1. Mamta Rani, Haryana
2. Mahendra Singh, Rathore
3. Manish Singh, Uttrakhand
4. Manjula Choursia, Mumbai
5. Mohm. Fatima, New Delhi
6. Ses nath Jha, Deogarh Haryana
7. Ratnagar, Maharashtra
8. Sadhya Gupta, Madhya Pradesh
9. Sushil Kumar, Motihari, Bihar
9. Ankit Verma, Uttarpradesh

Today's Expert : Pankaj Pachori, NDTV

5 Crore Winner Sushil Kumar will be Introduced Today

First Fastest Finger First Question.

Ques : Starting from the North, moving towards the south, arrange these places in India that have recently featured in News headlines .

A. Hisar
B. Baramulla
C. Bellary
D. Ralegan Siddhi.

Correct Order : B-A-D-C

first Contestant : Manish SIngh from Delhi, 21 Year Old.

Ques No :01: Which of these Hindi sayings means ' hatching a conspiracy' ?

A. Dahi Matha
B. Khichdi Pakana
C. Roti Sekna
D. Poori Talna

Ans : B. Khichdi Pakana

Ques NO :02: Generally, toll tax is paid during which of these ?
A. Buying Clothes
B. Eating a Restaurant
C. paying Mobile Phone Bills
D. Travelling on Certain Roads

Ans : D. Travelling on Certain Roads

Ques NO :03:In Which of these sports might a player serve a double Fault ?
A. Squash
B. Volley ball
C. Tennis
D. Badminton

Ans: Tennis

Ques No :04: In a human body, what are incisors, canines, and molars types of ?

A. Teeth
B. Nails
C. Bones
D. Muscles

Ans : A. Teeth

Ques NO :05: Identify the film from this audio Clip ?

A. Rockstar
B. Rocket Singh
C. Delhi Belly
D. Shaitan

Ans : A. Rockstar

Ques No :06:Which of the Indian Cities is also known as the  "City of Nawabs " ?

A. Kanpur
B. Lucknow
C. Aligarh
D. Agra

Ans : B. Lucknow

Ques No :07: In September 2011, who was appointed the new BCCI President ?

A. Rajeev Shukla
B. Niranjan Shah
C. N Srinivasan
D. Chirayu Amin

Ans :   B. Niranjan Shah

Ques No :08: The national legislative body, of which of these countries is known as " Congress " ?  

A. Australia
B. United States of America
C. Great Britain
D. Japan

Ans : B. United States of America

Ques No :09:Which of these was the first Indian States to give Sanskrit the status of an official Language ?

A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Karnataka
C. Gujrat
D. Uttrakhand

Ans : D. Uttrakhand
Manish SIngh won 25 Lakh.

Next Player : Sesa Nath Jha

Ques NO :01:  Which of these snakes is filled with a mixture of  salty and sour water ?

A. Jhaal Muri
B. Bhelpuri
C. Papdi Chaat
D. Gol Gappa

Ans :D. Gol Gappa

Ques NO :02: In Which city are the football clubs Mohan Began and Mohammedan Sporting based ?

A. Bengaluru
B. Panaji
C. Kolkatta
D. Dhaka

Ans :C. Kolkatta

Ques No :03: According to a Hindi proverb, which of these fruits changes Colour on seeing another of its kind ?

A. Aam
B. Tarbooz
C. Kharbooza
D. Jaamun

Ans :C. Kharbooza

Continuing with Sesh Nath Ji on 1st of November.

Watch this Place between 08:30 PM to 11 PM for Questions , Answers, Fastest Finger First Questions, Videos, and Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Questions.


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