KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Monday, November 7, 2011

KBC questions of 49th Episode Dated 7th November 2011

49th Episode will Start on 7th November at 08:30 PM
on SONY TV, with 10 new Contestent
to play KBC with Amitabh Bachchan.

Watch this Show to Reveal the Question 

Introducing  10 New Contestant:-

1. Amita Gahlot, Rajashthan
2. Devendra Singh, Haryana
3. Renu Bala Srivastava, Delhi
4. Vandana Singh, U.P
5. Anil Kumar Sinha, Patna
6. Archana Dubey, Mumbai
7. Anita Kumari, Bokaro Jharkhand
8. Bhushan Ram Rao
9. Rajiv Ranjan, Muzaffarpur Bihar
10. Pravin Narayan, Gujrat.

Today's Expert : Ajit Rannade

Fastest Finger First Question : Arrange these beauty products, according to the body part where they are used, from head to toe.

A. Kajal
B. Nail Polish
C. Lipstick
D. Bindi

Ans : D-A-C-B

First Contestant : Amita Gahlot :

Ques No :01: Which of these is the name given to a ritual performed during the last few months of pregnancy ?

A. Mehndi Rachai
B. Haath Bharai
C. Maang Bharai
D. Godh Bharai

Ans : D. Godh Bharai

Ques No :02: Which of the following is not a team but an individual event ?

A. Kabaddi
B. Boxing
C. Rugby
D. Football

Ans : B. Boxing

Ques NO : 03:  Which of these is made by mixing maids with dahi ?

A. Missi Roti
B. Puri
C. Bhatura
D. Pakoda

Ans : C. Bhatura

Ques No :04: What is the missing word in this doha : ' Pothi Padhh Padhh Jag Mua, Pandit Bhaya Na Koye, Dhaai Aakhar ________ Ka, Padhhe to Pandit Hoye ?

A. Prabhu
B. Prem
C. Gita
D. Mithaas

Ans : B. Prem

Ques No :05: Identify the film from this Audio Clip .

A. Mohra
B. Yeh Diliagi
C. Khiladi
D. Main Khiladi Tu Anari

Ans : D. Main Khiladi Tu Anari

Ques No :06: Who is the Chairperson of the National Advisory Council of India ?

A. Sam Pitroda
B. M K Narayanan
C. Sonia Gandhi
D. J M Lyngdoh

Amita Gahlot won 1,60,000 only/-

Next Fastest Finger First Question : 
Arrange these geographical or astronomical entities in Increasing order of their sizes.

A. The Earth
B. The Sun
C. The Earth's Moon
D. the Himalayas

Ans : D-A-C-B.

Next Player : Devendra Singh

Ques No :01:  Which of these is a method used by the labour force to compel a company's management  to meet their demands by stopping work ?

A. Padtaal
B. Hartaal
C. Surtaal
D. Kartaal

Ans : B. Hartaal

Ques NO :02: Complete this Line spoken by Sunny deol in a film : " Jab ye_________ kisi pe padta hai toh aadmi uthta nahi, uthh jaata hai " ?

A. Do Muhi Talwaar
B. Dhai Kilo Ka Haath
C. 6 Bore ki Pistol
D. Jabdatod Chhoosa

Ans : B. Dhai Kilo Ka Haath

Ques No :03:With which of these states or union territories does Punjab not share its borders.

A. Jammu and Kashmir
B. Rajasthan
C. Himachal Pradesh
D. Delhi

Ans :D. Delhi

Ques No :04:  Which of these is the surname of a former Indian football captain ? 

A. Sherpa
B. Gurkha
C. Bhutia
D. Gurung

Ans : C. Bhutia

Ques No :05:  Whose voice is this ?

A. Mallika Sherawat
B. Rakhi Sawant
C. Dolly Bindra
D. Shweta Tiwari

Ans : A. Mallika Sherawat

Ques No :06: According to Hindu mythology , which of these kings died of the anguish of separation from his son ?

A. Dushyantra
B. Shantanu
C. Dasharatha
D. Pandu

Ans : C. Dasharatha

Ques No :07:  By adding the word ' nagar' to which of these would you get the name of a capital of an Indian State ?

A. Nehru
B. Gandhi
C. Patel
D. Shastri

Ans : B. Gandhi

Ques NO :08: In 2011, who became the first cricketer to take three one -Day international hat-tricks ?

A. Lasith Malinga
B. Brett Lee
C. Stuart Broad
D. Ryan Sidebottom

Ans :  A. Lasith Malinga

To Be Continued with , Devendra Singh Ji, He is Playing at 6 lakh 40 thousand.......................

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