KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

KBC questions of 52nd Episode Dated 10th November 2011

52nd Episode will Start on 10th November at 08:30 PM
on SONY TV, with 10 new Contestent and Vidya Balan
to play KBC with Amitabh Bachchan.

Watch this Show to Dance with Vaidya Balan on the Set of KBC with O La La. 

Introducing  10 New Contestant:-

1. Amita Gahlot, Rajashthan
2. Devendra Singh, Haryana
3. Renu Bala Srivastava, Delhi
4. Vandana Singh, U.P
5. Anil Kumar Sinha, Patna
6. Archana Dubey, Mumbai
7. Anita Kumari, Bokaro Jharkhand
8. Bhushan Ram Rao
9. Rajiv Ranjan, Muzaffarpur Bihar
10. Pravin Narayan, Gujrat.

Today's Expert : Ajit Rannade

Playing with Vandana Singh, From U.P

Fastest Finger First Question :

Arrange these places in increasing order of their altitude with respect to Mean Sea Level .

A. Chennai
B. Shimla
C. Leh
D. Delhi

Ans : A-D-B-C

Ques NO :01: Complete this Hindi proverb: " Kos- Kos Par Badle Paani, Chand Kos Par___________" ?

A. Raani
B. Baani
C. Daani
D. Kahanni

Ans : B. Baani

Ques NO :02: What is ' Q' in the context of IQ tests ?

A. Quotient
B. Question
C. Query
D. Quality

Ans : A. Quotient

Ques No :03: Identify the film from this audio Clip .

A. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander
B. Dil Chahta Hai
C. Rang De Basanti
D. 3 Idiots

Ans : D. 3 Idiots

Ques NO :04: ' Alpana' ' Aripana' and ' Madana' are types of which traditional art form ?

A. Rangoli
B. Dance
C. Ragas
D. Temple Architecture

Ans : A. Rangoli

Ques NO:05: Which of these is a  disorder that causes children to age prematurely ?

A. Alzheimer's
B. Progeria
C. Dyslexia
D. Polio

Ans : B. Progeria

Ques NO :06: Which of these states currently, does not have a BJP Government ?

A. Gujrat
B. Karnataka
C. Orissa
D. Chhattisgarh

Ans : C. Orissa

Ques No :07: Which is the first Indian pair to win a medal at the World Badminton Championship?

A. Apama Popat - Manjusha Kanwar
B. Madhumita Bisht- Shruti Kurian
C. Saina Nehwal - Aparna Balan
D. Jwala Gutta- Ashwini Ponappa

Ans : D. Jwala Gutta- Ashwini Ponappa

Ques NO :08: Which of these religious fairs is also known as ' Simhastha' ?

A. Shravani Mela, Deogher
B. Magi Mela, Allahabad
C. Maha Kumbh Mela, Ujjain
D. Kanwar Yarta, Haridwar

Ans : C. Maha Kumbh Mela, Ujjain

Ques No :09: Whose ' Vira' or agony of seperation is described in Maithilisharan Gupta's poem Saket ?

A. Radha
B. Urmila
C. Rati
D. Yashodhara

Ans : B. Urmila


Next : Vidya Balan on Hot Seat............

Here are the Question asked from Vidya Balan on the Set of KBC

Ques No :01: According to the famous song from the 1975 film ' Julie' what " ____________ is beating , keeps on repeating" ?

A. The clock
B. The Drum
C. My Pulse
D. My heart

Ans : D. My heart

Ques No :02: In Cricket, Which of these is a fielding position near the boundary behind the Slips ?

A. Iron Man
B. Chairman
C. Thirdman
D. Gentle Man

Ans : Third Man

Ques NO :03: Which of these entrepreneurs was the co-founder of Apple Computer ?

A. Bill Gates
B. Sergery Brin
C. Sabeer Bhatia
D. Steve Jobs

Ans : D. Steve Jobs

Ques No :04: The Festivals of Onam is Celebrated in Kerala in the honour of which of these kings ?

A. Mahabali
B. Vibhishan
C. Prahiada
D. Vrishaparva

Ans : A. Mahabali

Ques NO :05: In Which Language is this Song being Sung ?

A. Manipuri
B. Nepali
C. Maithali
D. Assamese

Ans : B. Nepali

Ques NO :06:Other than India, WHich country shares a land boundary with Bangladesh ?

A. Vietnam
B. Bhutan
C. Myanmar
D. Thailand

Ans : C. Myanmar

Ques NO :07: Which states is the Highest producer of Black Pepper in India ?

A. Tamil Nadu
B. Karnataka
C. Andhara Pradesh
D. Kerala

Ans :D. Kerala

 Ques No :08: Who was Kunti's youngest son in the Mahabharata ?

A. Nakul
B. Arjuna
C. Sahadeva
D. Bhima

Ans : B. Arjuna

=================Time Out  at 6,40,000/-

Meet Next Week with Harbhajan Singh in 

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