KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Monday, November 14, 2011

KBC questions of 53rd Episode Dated 14th November 2011

53rd Episode will Start on 14th November at 08:30 PM
on SONY TV, with 10 School Childrens
to play KBC with Amitabh Bachchan.

Watch this Show on the Occasion of  Children's Day  on the Set of KBC School Champs. 

Today's Expert : Amol Gupta, Sparsh, Ichcha of the Uttaran fame

Introducing  10 New Children Contestant:-

. Anirudh Singhal, Haryana
. Waushil Shah, Gujrat
. Abhishek Sharma
. G. Ramya, Hyderabad
. Mohit, Haryana
. Sukhprit Kaur, Firozpur
. Nivedita Kudu, Delhi
. Madhu Mehta, Rajasthan

First Fastest Finger First Question :

Ques :  Arrange these Creatures in increasing order of the number of legs they have.

A. Eagle
B. Centipede
C. Cheetah
D. Spider

Ans : A-C-D-B

First Children :Anirudha Singhal:

Ques No :01: Which of these phrases means ' Pretending to scare " ?

A. Gadhe ki Dhenchu
B. Geedad Bhabhki
C. Sher Dahad
D. Kauve ki Kanv Kanv

Ans :C. Sher Dahad

Ques No:02: In a mobile phone, the capacity of which of these is usually expressed in GB ?

A. Bluetooth
B. Camera
C. Sim Card
D. Memory Card

Ans :D. Memory Card

Ques NO :03: Which sportsman's voice is this ? 

A. Virendar Sehwag
B. Kapil Dev
C.Vijendra Singh
D. Akhil Kumar

Ans : A. Virendar Sehwag

Ques NO :04: In the film' Ghajini' the protagonist suffers from what disability ?

A. Parkinson's Disease.
B. Dyslexia
C. Short term Memory Loss
D. Progeria

Ans : C. Short term Memory Loss

Ques NO :05: The largest bay in the world is named after which region ?

A. Punjab
B. Sindh
C. Bengal
D. Gujrat

Ans : C. Bengal

Ques NO :06: In 2011, who was the winner of the inaugural Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix ?

A. Mark Webber
B. Sebastian Vettel
C. Fernando Alonso
D. Jenson Button

Ans : B. Sebastian Vettel

Ques NO :07: What is the name of the tablet computer developed in India, claimed to be world's cheapest tablet Computer ?

A. Tejas
B. Aakash
C. Nakshatra
D. Prithvi

Ans :B. Aakash

Ques NO :08: Which of these causes the disease called mumps ?

A. Virus
B. Bacteria
C. Fungi
D. Protozoa

Ans : A. Virus

Ques No :09: On the banks of which river was Purna Swaraj deceleration adopted the congress in its Lahore Session of 1929 ?

A. Ravi
B. Sutlej
C. Beas
D. Jhelum

Ans :  A. Ravi

Ques NO :10: Which type of alliance did  Albert Einstein and his student Leo Szlard invent in 1926 and got a United States patent in their name ?

A. Elevator
B. Televisison
C. Refrigerator
D. Washing Machine

Ans : C. Refrigerator

Ques NO :11: Which of these species of geese can fly over the Mount Everest  making them one of the world's highest flying Birds ?

A. Emperor Goose
B. Snow Goose
C. Bar headed Goose
D. Blue-winged Goose

Ans :C. Bar headed Goose

Anirudha Singhal Won 25 Lakh.
Nivedita Kaur also Won 25 Lakhs.

Next Fastest Finger First Question :

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