KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

General Terms and Condition for Participant of Kaun Banega Crorepati in 2012

in KBC Season 6

1. Participation in the Competition by sending entries in any of the aforesaid manner shall be considered to be acceptance of these Rules and Regulations.

2. Competition is open to adult citizens of India i.e. only those who have completed 18 years of age as on May 25, 2012 and the citizen should be of sound health and mind. Persons must enter the Competition on their own behalf and entry(ies) by proxy will not be accepted, even for their family members.

3. An entry/ies is not transferrable.

4. Employees of the Company, Producer, advertising agency, auditors, company‟s contractors which have been appointed from time to time, and also employees of the sponsors; and their respective families; persons other than Indian nationals, or Indian nationals living out of India, or those who do not qualify under the definition of resident of India as per the Income Tax Act, 1961 or those not conversant in spoken Hindi, are ineligible to enter the Competition. Failure to provide proof or affidavit of eligibility, including the proof of name, address and correct date of birth within a reasonable time upon request by the Producer/Company may result in disqualification. The Company also reserves the right to disqualify a Contestant incase a discrepancy is found to exist in the information furnished/provided/stated by the Contestant during the conversation with the Producer/Company or any of the Company‟s sub-contractors and vendors in the Competition, and/or in the information stated in the documents furnished by the Contestant.

5. The Contestant(s) hereby represents that he/she is not under any exclusive contracts with any other third party/ agency or is not under any kind of disqualification under law to enter into an agreement with the Company or its affiliates, as the case may be.
6. The Contestant(s) shall undertake, warrant and guarantee to the Company that the Contestant has the full legal capacity to participate in the Competition in accordance with these Rules & Regulations.

7. By registering for the Competition, the Contestant(s) represents that he/she is medically fit and do not have present or past psychological ailments.. If in the past he/she has had any psychological ailments or have been under medication for any psychological, anxiety, hypertension, depression or any other medical problems, the same shall be disclosed to the Company/Producer in writing along with a copy of the certificate from a qualified medical practitioner declaring him/her to be fit for participation in the Competition.

8. Contestant(s) will not be confirmed as Contestants for the Show if they are suffering from any kind of ill health, medical problems (viz.: heart ailment, blood pressure ailment, final stages of pregnancy, etc.). It is the responsibility of the Contestant(s) to be medically fit for participation. Nevertheless the final decision regarding their participation in the Studio Part of the Competition rests entirely with the Company.

9. The Contestant(s) represent that he/she has not been accused or convicted or is otherwise involved in any criminal offence and/or is not under inquiry or trial by the
police or judiciary which has not been disclosed to the Company in writing. That the Contestant(s) is /are not required to be present before any authority including police or any court of law during the shooting dates informed by the Company and has no other disability which would prevent his/her participation in the Audition or the Competition (if selected).

10. The Contestant(s) acknowledges that he/she has voluntarily chosen to participate in the Competition at his / her free-will and is willing to bear all risk, costs & consequences arising from such participation in the Competition. It is a condition of entry and participation in the Competition that the Contestant(s) has not entered into any contractual, commercial, sponsorship agreement (including but not limited to recording, performing and/or merchandising contracts) or other arrangement for example with a management company or an individual to act as the Contestant‟s manager in respect of his/her musical or performing abilities or the products thereof or in respect of his/her name, likeness, image or biography which might be in breach of the Contestant Release Form or the Rules & Regulations or otherwise prevent the Contestant(s) from participating in the Competition/ Program or the broadcast, promotion, exploitation or sponsorship thereof.

11. Each Contestant is also required to refrain from wearing any clothing items bearing designer or sports logos or bearing the name or likeness of a celebrity, living or dead, during the Studio Part of the Competition. The Contestant(s) are also not permitted to wear or mention any competing TV channel names, or names of competitors of sponsors of the Competition.

12. If entries are received for participation, it is assumed that the person sending in the entry has provided us with permission to send SMSs to or call him / her, whether or not such sender is registered on the National Do Not Call registry.

13. The Contestant is required to furnish necessary supporting documentation as proof of age, address, name, photo identity and nationality i.e. one original and attested photocopies of either (i) passport/driving license or (ii) PAN Card along with birth certificate and ration card or (iii) voter identity card with birth certificate (iv) UID/Aadhar Card

16. Company/Producer may, at its discretion contact the Registrant(s) and/or Contestant(s), if required, for any clarifications needed for the information provided in the registration.

17. The Company has the right at any time to require proof of identity and/or eligibility. Failure to provide such proof within a reasonable time could result in disqualification from the Competition.

18. In case there is any mismatch of Contestant(s) details in any round of the Competition, the Contestant(s) may be disqualified from further participation in the Competition, if Contestant is unable to resolve discrepancies.

19. All personal details and information requested by and supplied to the Company by each Contestant must be truthful, accurate and in no way misleading. The Company reserves the right to disqualify any Contestant(s) from the Competition or Audition in
its sole discretion, should the Contestant(s) at any stage supply untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and/or information.

20. If at any time, including after disbursement of prize, any information submitted by the Contestant(s) is found to be incorrect, false, or otherwise misrepresented or misleading, the Contestant(s) shall be liable to refund all amounts received from the Company.

21. Company shall keep all the information collected from the Contestants confidential and shall share the same with the Producer for the purpose of inviting the Contestants, if selected. The Company shall ensure that the Contestants are contacted by the Producer or on behalf of the Producer only for the purpose present Program and all such information collected by the Company/Producer shall be destroyed if the Contestant‟s are not selected. Company shall not share the information so collected with any party, save and except for the purpose of the present Competition. The Contestants by providing the aforesaid sensitive personal information hereby agree that the company shall have the right to share the information so collected with such other third party and the Producer as required for the purpose of the Competition and hereby agreed that they shall not file any claim against the Company for sharing for such personal information.
Speaking to the media and third persons

22. None of the Contestants shall, without the prior written approval of the Company, speak to the press or any other media or any third person, nor give any interviews or comments relating to the Auditions or any aspect of the Competition/Program or write blogs, post any messages in social networking or any site including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter. The Contestant(s) shall not disclose any information whatsoever relating to the Company/Producer to any other party. Violation of this clause shall immediately disqualify the Contestant‟s prospects of further participation.

23. The Contestant(s) shall at all times keep confidential the selection process and all details regarding the Competition including Audition which he/she might be informed of or which he/she might learn or come to know of as a Contestant(s) or as a short listed potential candidate.

24. In the event the Contestant(s) uses a public phone or phone or SIM card not registered in his name for registration, the Company will not be responsible to track the registered Contestant(s).

25. In case the Company is unable to reach the registered Contestant(s), the registration entry will be deemed as invalid.

26. In the event is it not possible to determine with certainty the person who registered from a particular telephone number/mobile number, that entry would be disqualified. Registrant(s) are requested to use phone numbers which are unique to them

27. Company/Producer shall not be liable for any failure of the IVR or SMS server or system, any call drop during participation or incomplete registrations submitted by Registrant(s).

KBC – Terms and conditions of participation and Participant selection 

28. Post submission of the entry via SMS or IVR, the Registrant(s) will not be permitted to modify / alter / change any details / answer submitted.

29. Only the entries received after the registration questions are broadcast on the Channel/registration is opened will be considered valid.

30. The Company shall endeavor to make all reasonably practicable arrangements to minimise telephone system difficulties and website downtime, ensure uptime of systems, back-up of data, telephone system capacity, and prevent other technical impediments, but cannot provide any guarantee in respect thereof as these are dependant on external utilities/ service providers.

31. Company and its sub-contractors are not responsible for delayed receipt or non-receipt or incomplete receipt or corrupt receipt of Registration entries.

32. The Company accepts no liability and shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever in case the Contestant(s) are unable to participate in the Competition due to failure on the part of the telecom operator, facility provider, etc, or due to capacity constraints.

33. The number of Auditionees to be selected shall be at the sole discretion of the Company / Producer.

34. The Company / Producer shall shortlist Participant(s) after the Auditions at all venues as required, out of which only a limited number of Participant(s) shall be selected for further selection processes in the Competition.

35. Contestant(s) can make it only once to the Audition round of the Competition across all the Schedules of the Competition. Any Contestant who has made it once to the FFF round of the Competition, he/she will not be eligible to participate in the Competition.

36. Auditions will be subject to such timing stipulations and requirements as may be determined by the Company and the Company makes no representations, warranties nor provides any undertaking to any of the Contestant(s) that any or all of the Contestants will be able to take part in Audition.

37. The Company shall not be liable nor responsible for any damages, losses, costs, expenses or otherwise suffered by any of the Contestant(s) in the event that the Company is not able to permit the Contestant(s) to take part in the Audition or Competition in accordance with any of the foregoing provisions.

38. All cost incurred for participating in Auditions is to be solely borne by Auditionees.

39. If an Auditionee is unable to appear for the Audition at the stipulated venue and time, he/she shall be disqualified from further participation.

40. Company shall not entertain any request by the Auditionees for change in the dates and venues of Audition.

41. The Audition process may take more than one day, and the Auditionee would be required to be present for the entire period of the Audition as informed by the Company/Representatives.

42. Notwithstanding any other provisions in this Agreement, the Company may, at its sole and absolute discretion, cancel or reschedule the Auditions, or hold additional Auditions on such other dates and at such places as it may determine and the
Contestant(s) shall adhere to and abide by any and all instructions, requirements and timing stipulations as determined by the Company and shall attend at any and all such additional Auditions.

43. Persons from the first set of Auditions may be considered in the second shoot schedule, if the need arises, at the sole discretion of the Company.

44. For purposes of Auditions, the Auditionees can either come alone, or at best be accompanied by ONE other person, who cannot be a member of the media, but under no circumstance will any person other than Auditionee will be allowed to enter the venue. Cameras and photography by the Auditionee will not be permitted at the Audition or the Shoot venues.

45. The Contestant(s) understands that getting shortlisted in the Audition is only a preliminary step towards further participation in the Competition and it shall be the absolute and sole discretion of the Company/Producer to allow participation based on creative requirements.


  1. Hey , amit....
    Today mark my words , i'll be there in kbc 6...
    Its my promise

  2. i watching this program since i was 13 yrs, at that time i was not eligible due to my age.
    today, i m watching kbc even when i am 20 yrs, but now i am not getting chance from last two seasons i.e. kbc4 & kbc5.
    ab to ji hadd ho gayi, is bar aapko mujhe chance dena hi hoga.
    jaanta hu ki aap mujhse darte ho ki kahin me 5 cr rupees jeet na jaun!!!!!

  3. kbc aaya kusiyo ka saagat laya

  4. since kbc 1 to 5 i tried lot to get in kbc but i did not had a chance please consider my request this time and have a opportunity to sit before our legendary sir amitabji

  5. since kbc 1 to 5 i tried lot to get in kbc but i did not had a chance please consider my request this time and have a opportunity to sit before our legendary sir amitabji

  6. i am under 18...bt i wll cm in kbc7 itz my promise....

  7. with due respect i want to say that if a participant gets selected in registration process then he must get a sms reply along with call from ur kbc team,since every time we cannot be close to our mobile phone...this will increase the amount of belief in kbc to a great extent....if u think my opinion to be of little worth then please implement it from the next season....


Thanks for your response : Kaun Banega Crorepati 8 IDEA Registration is in progress Thanks......


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