KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

KBC Questions of 5th Episode Dated 15th September 2012

Fifth Episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 
Hum aaj phir aa rahe hai aapke ghar, KBC ka naya episode le kar! Kya aap tayar hai gyaan aur entertainment ke liye?.

First Week was great, we witnessed great players and records . Hope this week to , stay tuned with KBC SONY.

Today's Expert : Rahul Dev
Continuing with Geeta Verma... 
She left the game at 6,40,000/-
New contestant :- Somendra Singh Rathore

 Questions asked from the contestant will be displayed here. 
Ques No 01:  Which of these phrases is often used to describe a close childhood friends ?
A. Roomali dost
B. Langotia yaar
C. Gamchha friends.
D. Dhoti mitra
Ans : B. Langotia yaar

Ques No 02: What is the name of Lord Vishnu's Chakra ?
A. Chakrapani
B. Chakravarti
C. Surya Chakra
D. Sudarshana Chakra
Ans : B. Chakravarti

Ques No 03: ' In 3 Idiots', what does Rancho define as "Instruments that records analyse, summarize, organize, debate and explain information ... " ?
A.  Machine
B. Computer
C. Books
D. Tape Recorder.
Ans : C. Books

Ques No :04:In which State would you find the district of Kokrajhar ?
A. Chhatisgarh
B. Odisha
C. Assam
D. Madhya Pradesh
Ans :  C. Assam

Ques No :05: At which venue did Sachin Tendulkar achieve an ODI score of 200 not out ?
A. Roop Singh, Stadium Gwalior
B. Eden Gardens, Kolkatta
C. Wankhede, Mumbai
D. Chinnaswamy, Bengaluru
Ans :  A. Roop Singh, Stadium Gwalior

Ques No :06:What was the name of the rover sent by NASA that landed on Mars in August, 2012 ?
A. Odyssey
B. Discovery
C. Challenger
D. Curiosity
Ans : D. Curiosity

Ques No :07: At the instigation of Mughal prince Salim, whom did Bir Singh Bundela assassinate ?
A. Birbal
B. Raja Daniyal
C. Abul Fazi
D. Raja Mansigh
Ans :  C. Abul Fazi

Ques No :08: Which is the only district in India that shares its boundary with four states ?
A. Saharanpur
B. Sonbhadra
C. Garhwa
D. East Singhbhum
 Ans :  B. Sonbhadra

Ques No :09: Who is the oldest person, at the age of 90, to have won the Nobel Prize ?
A. Raymond Davis Jr
B. Doris Lessing
C. Leonld Hurwicz
D. Yolchiro Nambu
Ans : C. Leonld Hurwicz

Rathore won 25 Lakh....

Next Player :-   >>>Priyanshu Gupta....

Continuing with >>>Priyanshu Gupta...

10 contestants :-
1. Sapna, M.P
2. Vineet Kr. , Coimbatore. 
3. Hemal Kumar, Rajkot.
4. Anshu, Bhagalpur
5. Anshuya Pandit, Chattisgarh
6. Priyanshu Gupta
7. Sumendra Singh, Rathore
8. Geeta Verma, Rajasthan
9. Komla Deshmukha.
10. Bharti, U.P

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Thanks for your response : Kaun Banega Crorepati 8 IDEA Registration is in progress Thanks......


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