KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Friday, October 12, 2012

KBC Questions of 15th Episode Dated 12th october 2012

Dil thamb ke baithiye kyunki aaj hum phir aa rahe hai KBC le kar, aaj raat 8.30 baje sirf Sony Entertainment Television (India) par!
 Celebrating Birthday of Amitabh Bachchan
The fun continues tonight on KBC at 8.30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television (India), so don't forget to tune in to watch Amitabh Bachchan ji in action! Today ,

Today's Expert : Ajay Kumar , Aaj Tak

Ten New  Contestents are as follows :- 
1. Puja Mishra, Agra U.P
2. Rama Shekhar, A.P
3. Navin Mishra, U.P
4. Sumita Bidwa, M.P
5. Bang Bandhu sharma, U.P
6. Deepika Sahay, Patna, Bihar.
7. Anand Kumar, west Bengal
8. Sher bhadur Thakur, Chattisgarh
9. Geeta Kumar Rokkar., West Bengal

10. Surendra Narayan, Maharatshtra 

 First fastest Finger First Question :-

Ques :Starting with the oldest , arrange these characters from the Mahabharata in decreasing order of their seniority 
A. Parikshit B. Bhishma  C. Yudhisthira D. Shantanu
Ans : D-B-C-A

First Contestant :- Bang Bahadur Sharma, U.P

Ques : With reference to the Indian Railway, which of these is a scheme related to ticket bookings ?
A. Apaatkaal  B. Sambhaal  C. Janjaal  D. Tatkaal
Ans : D. Tatkaal

Ques : Which of these is a Hindi Idiom that means "to move slowly" ?
A. Chuhe ki daud lagana B. Chhuchhandar ki chaal chalna
C. Kachchue ki chaal chalna D. Kanutar ki tarah phudaka
Ans : C. Kachchue ki chaal chalna

Ques : For which of the following can a consumer in India avail number portability ?
A. Bank Account Number  B. Gas connection Number
C. Mobile Number D. Insurance Policy Number
 Ans :  C. Mobile Number

Ques : The SI Unit for which of these is named after James Watt, a Scottish inventor and engineer ?
A. Temperature  B. Power  C. Force  D. Electric Current
Ans :B. Power 

Ques : About whom did Mathew Hayden once say, " I have seen God, he bats at number 4 in India in Tests " ?
A. V V S Laxman  B. Sachin Tendulkar C. Rahul Dravid  D. Virendar Sehwag
Ans : B. Sachin Tendulkar

Ques : According to the Ramayana , who among these could not be killed by any Devata, Danav, Gandharva or Yaksha due to a boon given to him by Brahma ?
A. Kumbhakarna  B.  Bali  C. Ravana  D. Khara

Ques : Who was India's Food and Agriculture Minister in Jawaharlal Nehru's Interim Government of 1946. ?
A. Jagjivan Ram  B. Asaf Ali  C. Rajendra Prasad 
D. Jawaharlal Nehru
Ans: C. Rajendra Prasad

Ques :  Where in India did the British East India Company establish their permanent factory ?
A. Calcutta  B. Surat  C. Calicut  D. Madras
Ans :  B. Surat

Next Player : Deepika Sahay from Patna, Bihar

Ques :  updating keep visiting 



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