KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Friday, October 26, 2012

KBC Questions of 20th Episode Dated 26th october 2012

Dekhna mat bhuliye KBC, aaj raat 8.30 baje sirf Sony Entertainment Television (India) par! Kya aap tayar hai naye episode ke liye!

Today's Expert : Sushasani Haidar

Shahrukh Khan on the set of KBC : Watch Pics

Ten new contestant for this week are as :
  •  Madhu Yadav, Rajasthan
  • Kureshi, orissa
  • Urmila Grag, Punjab
  • Dilsad, U.P
  • Abdul gani, U.P
  • Manju Mukherjee, West Bengal
  • Mahesh kumar, Delhi
  • Urmila Jain, Maharashtra
  • Chandan Sahi, Haryana
  • Sunil Patil, Mumbai 
First Fastest Finger First Question :-  

Ques :Starting from the earliest , arrange these landmark events of Indian history in chronological order.

A. Birth of chandragupta Maurya
B. Formation of Azad Hind fauj
C. Construction of the Qutub Minar
D. Battle of Haldighati
Ans : A-C-D-B

First Contestant :-  Hasan Abdul Gani, Lucknow, U.P

Ques : Which of these is the title of a TV show on Sony Entertainment Television starring Ronit Roy  ?
A. Andhaa Kanoon  B. Insaf   C. Kachehari   D. Adaalat
Ans :   D. Adaalat

Ques : At which of these times would the two hands of a clock form the shape of the English capital letter " L " ?
A. 1200 Hrs    B. 1800 Hrs    C. 1500 Hrs   D. 1900 Hrs 
Ans :  C. 1500 Hrs 

Ques : Which gas protects the earth from U V radiations of the Sun ?
A. Ozone  B. Carbon Dioxide C. Methane D. Oxygen
Ans : A. Ozone

Ques : Which country will host the FIFA World Cup in 2014 ?
A. Qatar  B. Brazil  C. Germany  D. Spain
Ans :  B. Brazil  

Ques : What was the capital of Awadh before Nawab Asaf-ud-daula shifted it to Lucknow in1775 ?
A. Faizabad  B. Agra  C. Jhansi  D. Allahabad
Ans :  A. Faizabad 

Ques : Which of these books by A P J Abdul Kalam is a sequel to his autobiography " Wings of Fire " ?
A. The Luminous Sparks  B. Turning Points  C. Mission India  D. Ignited Minds
Ans : B. Turning Points 

Ques :Which constituency is represented by Maneka Gandhi in the 15th Lok Sabha ?
A. Pilibhit   B. Bareilly   C. Aonia   D. Badaun
Ans : B. Bareilly 
 ============ He won 3,20,000/-...............===============

Next fastest finger first question  :-

Ques : Arrange these lines of a lullaby in the correct order

A. Lalla lalla Lori  B. Munni Kare Tamasha  C. Doodh ki Katori  D. Doodh Mein Batasha
Ans :  A-C-D-B.

Next Player : Madhu Yadav.....

Ques : Which of these words is slang for " Money " ?
A.  Thobda  B. Makda  C.  Bakra  D.  Rokda
Ans :   D.  Rokda

Ques : After undergoing which of these processes would you find a glow on the skin of your face ?
A.  Manicure     B. Facial     C. Pedicure     D. Rebonding
Ans :  B. Facial

Ques  : Which of these is a kind of printed sari traditionally worn during the Teej festival in Rajasthan ?
A. Lehariya  B.  Panihari  C. Ghevar  D.  Bhawani 
Ans :  A. Lehariya

Ques : In terms of area , which is the largest Union territory of India ?
A. Daman and Diu  B. Andaman and Nicobar Islands C. Lakshadweep  D.  Puducherry
Ans : C. Lakshadweep

Continuing with Madhu Yadav.............. on Saturday

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