KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

KBC Questions of 22nd Episode Dated 28th october 2012

Dekhna mat bhuliye KBC, aaj raat 8.30 baje sirf Sony Entertainment Television (India) par! Kya aap tayar hai naye episode ke liye!

Today's Expert : Sumit Awasthi,Aajtak

Shahrukh Khan on the set of KBC : Watch Pics

Continuing with Manju Mukherjee ............ 

Ques : Which of these is an alloy ?
A. Sodium  B. Aluminum C. Zinc  D. Steel
Ans : D. Steel 

Ques : Whom did Mamata Banerjee defeat in her first Lok Sabha election in 1984 ?
A. Indrajeet Gupta B.Somnath Chatterjee C.Biman Basu D.Buddhadeb Bhattacharya  
Ans : B. Somnath Chatterjee

Ques : For which film did Priyanka Chopra win the Filmfare Best Villian Award ?
A. Kaminey  B. 7 Khoon Maaf  C. Don  D.  Aitraaz
Ans : D.  Aitraaz

Ques : Diaoyu Islands , also known as Senkaku  Islands , is located in which sea ?
A. Philippine Sea  B. South China Sea  C. Sea of Japan  D. East China Sea
Ans : D. East China Sea

Ques : Who was the first to translate the Bhagwad Gita from the Sanskrit into English in 1785 ?
A. Francis Gladwin  B. Max Weber  C. Sir Charles Wilkins  D. Sir William Jones
Ans : C. Sir Charles Wilkins

She Won 12 lakh 50 thousand.... 

Next fastest finger first Question :-

Ques :Arrange these chief ministers according to the capitals of their states from North to south ?
A. Prem Kumar Dhumal  B. Shivraj Singh Chauchan
C. Prithiviraj Chavan D. Bhupinder Singh Hooda
Ans : A-D-B-C

Next Player :- Chandan Sahahi

Ques : What does an ' Aalingan' Mean ?
A.  Kissing  B. Slapping  C. Kicking  D. Hugging

Ans :  D. Hugging

Ques : The use of what in cars has the Supreme Court of India banned in a judgement given in April 2013 ?
A. Loud Music   B. use of phone while driving  C. Black film on Windows  D. High - Speed Driving 
Ans : C. Black  film on windows

Ques : A child may develop Kwashiorkor disease primarily due the deficiency of what ?
A. Sodium  B. Protein  C. Iodine  D. Vitamin
Ans : Protein

Ten new contestant for this week are as :
  •  Madhu Yadav, Rajasthan
  • Kureshi, orissa
  • Urmila Grag, Punjab
  • Dilsad, U.P
  • Abdul Gani, U.P
  • Manju Mukherjee, West Bengal
  • Mahesh kumar, Delhi
  • Urmila Jain, Maharashtra
  • Chandan Sahi, Haryana
  • Sunil Patil, Mumbai 
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