KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Friday, November 2, 2012

KBC Questions of 23rd Episode Dated 2nd November 2012

Dekhna mat bhuliye KBC, aaj raat 8.30 baje sirf Sony Entertainment Television (India) par! Kya aap tayar hai naye episode ke liye!

Today's Expert : Sumit Awasthi. Aajtak
  All the Question will be updated during the Episode.

Ten new contestant for this week are as :
  •  Rashmi Nag, West Bengal
  •  Rajendra Trivedi, Gujrat
  •  Hardeep Singh, Madhya Pradesh
  •   Sweta, Rajasthan
  •   Niranjan Saxena, Nalanda, Bihar
  •   Kishor Kumar, Punjab
  •   Manisha Kumar, Darbhanga, Bihar
  •   Archana, Madhya Pradesh
  •   Barnali Dey, Howrah, West Bengal
  •  Deepak Agrawal
     First Fastest Finger First Question :-
Ques : Starting from the least, arrange these sporting events in increasing order of the number of players in the playing area during a game
A. Hockey  B. Boxing  C. Basketball  D. Tennis Doubles
Ans : B-D-C-A

First Contestant :-  Barnali Dey, Howrah, West Bengal

Ques : Which of these is a mixture of five spices particularly used in bengali cuisine ?
A. Panchamrit  B. Pancharanga  C. Panch Phoron  D. Panchangam
Ans : C. Panch Phoron

Ques : Which of these is a type of puzzle that consists of a grid with numbers appearing in some of the squares ?
A. Sangaku  B. Suduko  C. Solitaire  D. Sokoban
Ans :  B. Suduko  

Ques : Whose son is Bilawal Bhutto, the chairman of Pakistan People's Party ?
A. Murtaza Bhutto  B. Yusuf Raza Gilani  C. Asif Ali Zardari  D. Nawaz Sharif 
Ans :  B. Yusuf Raza Gilani

Ques :Which of these authors' autobiographical series is titled ' Nirbasan' ?
A. Jhumpa Lahiri  B. Sunil Gangopadhyay  C.Mahasweta  Devi  D. Taslima Nasrin
Ans :  D. Taslima Nasrin

Ques : Which of these players has a 100 percent win record in ODI as captain ?
A. Gautam Gambhir  B. Virat Kohli  C. Virender Sehwag D. Suresh Raina
Ans : A. Gautam Gambhir

Ques : Which of these bodies in India currently has members named Rekha, Jaya and Maya, among others ?
A. Union Cabinet  B. Rajya Sabha  C. Lok Sabha  D. Censor Board
Ans :   B. Rajya Sabha 

Ques :  Which of these Nobel Prize winners was born in Shantiniketan ?
A. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar  B. Rabindranath Tagore
C. Muhammad Yunus  D. Amartya Sen
Ans : D. Amartya Sen

Ques : In the Mahabharata, who brought up Karna after he was abandoned by Kunti soon after his birth ?
A. Vrishaketu  B. Chitrasen  C. Adhirath  D.Vasushena
Ans : C. Adhirath

Ques : Which revolutionary from the Chittagong Armoury Raid was awarded his or her long withheld degree posthumously , in 2012, by the calcutta University ?
A. Subodh Roy   B. Pritilata Waddedar  C. Kalpana Dutta D. Ambika Chakrabarty 
Ans : B. Pritilata Waddedar 

She won 12 lakh 50 thousand.....

Next fastest finger first Question :- 

Ques : Starting from the earliest , arrange these films in the order of their release in 2012 ?
A. Kahaani  B. Rowdy Rathore  C. Barfi  D. Vicky Donor
 Ans :  A-D-B-C

Next Contestant :   Manisha Kumari...

Ques :  Which of these is often called ' aadhi gharwali ' ?
A. Biwi  B. Sarhaj  C. Bhabhi  D. saali
Ans : D. Saali

Ques : Which of these are titles of two shah Rukh Khan films ?
A. Swarg and Narak  B. Mohabbat and Nafrat  C. Swadesh and Pardes  D. Milan and Judaai
Ans :  B. Mohabbat and Nafrat 

Ques : Which of these is not an abbreviation of a national political party in India ?
A. NDA   B. NCP  C. BSP  D. CPI (M)
Ans :  A. NDA 

continuing with Manisha on  Saturday............

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