KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Friday, November 16, 2012

KBC Questions of 28th Episode Dated 16th November 2012

Dekhna mat bhuliye KBC, aaj raat 8.30 baje sirf Sony Entertainment Television (India) par! Kya aap tayar hai naye episode ke liye!
Today's Expert : Ajeet Ranade. Economist

Ten New Contestant of this week Episodes are as :
  •  Neha Kataria, New Delhi
  •  Jaida Basu, Kolkatta
  •  Yugandhar Phule, Maharashtra
  •  Ruchi Pandey, U.P
  •  Reena Singh, Odisha
  •  Shiv Kumar, New Delhi
  •  Sarad Gupta, M.P
  •  Sneha Maulik, Uttrakhand
  •  Purnia Sharma, Rajasthan
  •  Binod Kumar, Jharkhand.
Questions asked from the contestants are as follows are as:

First Contestant : Ruchi Pandey, Uttar Pradesh.

Ques 1: What would you do with a discus in a competitive sports events ?
A. Talk to it                      B. Chase it
C. Throw it                       D. Beat it

Ans : C. Throw it    

Ques 2: Which of these is another word for the snake charmer's 'been' ?
A. Pungi                          B. Baansuri
C. Shehnai                       D. Sitar

Ans : A. Pungi

Ques 3 : Which of these countries has a tradition of holding television debates between the main candidates in a presidential election ?
A. Russia                         B. France
C.  USA                            D. UK
Ans :  C.  USA     

Ques 4 : In Which city will the Kumbh Mela festival be held in 2013 ?
A. Allahabad                   B. Haridwar
C. Nashik                        D. Ujjain
Ans :  A. Allahabad    

Ques 5 : Who Wrote the Hindi novel " Maila Aanchal " ?
A. S H Vatsyayan 'Agyeya'         B. Rahul Sankrityayan
C. Bhagwati  Charan Verma     D.  Phanishwar Nath 'Renu'
Ans :  D.  Phanishwar Nath 'Renu'

Ques 6 : Which planet in our solar system takes the least amount of time to complete one revolution around the Sun ?
A. Mars            B. Earth              C. Venus               D. Mercury
Ans : D. Mercury

Ques 7 : Which Bharat Ratna was affectionally called Rajarshi ?
A. Purushottam Das Tandon           B. Bhagwan Das
C. Pandurang Vaman Kana             D. Dhondo Keshav  Karve 
Ans    :   D. Dhondo Keshav  Karve  

Ques 8 : According to Hindu mythology , the son of Krishna and Rukmini, Pradyumna is an incarnation of which God ?
A. Kama                                      B. Surya
C. Agni                                        D. Vayu
Ans : A. Kama      

She won 6,40,000/-

Next Player : Sneha Maulik

Ques 1 : With reference to the human body, what is ' hajma ' ?
A. Tolerance                  B. Eye Sight
C. Memory                      D. Digestion
Ans : D. Digestion

Ques 2 : In the story ' Unity is Strength ',what does the farmer give his sons to break ?
 A. Wooden sticks          B. Bricks
C. Glass Utensils             D. Iron rod
Ans :  A. Wooden sticks

Ques 3 :   

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