KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

KBC Questions of 34th Episode Dated 1st December 2012

Kya aap tayar hai KBC ke dhamakedar episode ke liye? Dekhna mat bhuliye aaj raat 8.30 baje sirf Sony Entertainment Television (India) par!

Ten New Contestant of this week Episodes are as : 
  •  Shilpi Agrawal
  •  Sandip Kumar Sinha
  •  Jalaj Kumar Verma
  •  Renu Bala
  •  Sunila Singh
  •  Dhiraj Kumar Mishra
  •  Shama Perveen
  •  Rajesh Kumar Thakur
  •  Charu Sharma
  •  Vineet Kumar Sonwanshi

 Fastest Finger First Question:

Ques : Starting with the northernmost , arrange these places of India from north to south.
A. Gurgaon     B. Indore    C. Mysore    D. Kargil
Ans : D-A-B-C

Contestant Name : Dhiraj Kumar Mishra, Jharkhand.
Ques : In the context of food items, what are "Gujhiya" and "Khaaja" varities of ?
A. Sweets  B. Soup  C. Salad  D. Cold Drinks
Ans : A. Sweets.

Ques : Which television show has the  subtitle "Dastak" ?
A. CID   B.Crime Patrol  C. Adaalat  D. FIR
Ans : B.Crime Patrol

Ques : Which of these colours are common to the Indian and Pakistani national flags ?
A. White and Blue  B. Blue and Green  C. White and Green  D. Saffron and Green
Ans :  B. Blue and Green

Ques : According to a story in the "Panchatantra", whose heart did the crocodile's wife want to eat ?
A. Human  B. Frog   C. Lion  D. Monkey
Ans :  D. Monkey

Ques : Transmission of HIV from HIV positive pregnant mother to her child can be prevented  by which of these treatments ?
A. Vaccination  B. Chemotherapy  C. Antiretroviral Therapy D. Exchange of blood of newborn
Ans : C. Antiretroviral Therapy

Dhiraj Won 1,60,000/-

Ques : Starting from the first, arrange these celebrity pairs in chronological order of their marriage .
A. Saif-Kareena  B. Abhishek- Aishwarya  C. Ajay-Kajol  D. Mahesh- Lara.
Ans : C-B--D-A

Next Contestant  : Shilpi Agrawal

Ques :  Complete the saying : " Mehnga roye ek baar aur sasta ___________ " ?
A. Roye baar baar    B. Kharide hazaar baar  C. Naache beech bazaar
D. Hanse Kai baar.
Ans : A. Roye baar baar

Ques : Which of these metals has the highest melting point as well as the highest boiling point ?
A. Gold   B. Silver  C. Aluminium  D. Platinum
Ans :  D. Platinum

Ques : The Delhi house where Mahatma Gandhi spent his last day was the residence of which industrialist ?
A.  Jamnalist Bajaj  B. G D Birla  C. K P Goenka D. Ambalal Sarabhai
Ans :  B. G D Birla

Ques : According to the Ramayana, who among these was killed by Rama first ?
A. Subahu  B. Maricha  C. Bali  D. Khara
Ans : A Subahu

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