KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Friday, December 21, 2012

KBC Questions of 42nd Episode Dated 21st December 2012

 KBC School Champs Special Episode

Kya aap tayar hai KBC ke dhamakedar episode ke liye? Dekhna mat bhuliye aaj raat 8.30 baje sirf Sony Entertainment Television (India) par!

Ten New Contestant of this week Episodes are as : 

  •  Anubhav Walia, NewDelhi
  •  Muskan Mishra, Purnia, Bihar
  •  Sneha Shahi, Gujrat
  •  Jaideep Singh Majithia, Vadodra
  •  Aakash Kumar, Jharkhand
  •  Komal, New Delhi
  •  Nikita Kanojiya, Indore
  •  Harsh Shah, Mumbai
  •  Vinay Sharma, Punjab
  •  Chintan Rajendra Rachh, Rajkot
 First Student Contestant : Muskan Mishra, Purnia, Bihar

Ques : Complete this Hindi proverb : "Padhoge likhoge banoge_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ "
A. Faulad   B. Nawab   C. Lajawab   D. Malamal
Ans :  B. Nawab

Ques : Which of these numbers comes first while counting from 1 to 100 ?
A. Unsath  B. Unhattar   C. Unnaasi   D. Unchaas
Ans :  D. Unchaas

Ques : 'To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction' is Newton's what law of motion ?
A. Third  B. First  C. Second   D. Fourth
Ans :  A. Third 

Ques : Which of these is not a book written by Chetan Bhagat ?
A. Five Point Someone  B. The 3 Mistakes of my Life
C. Revolution 2020        D. The White Tiger
Ans : D. The White Tiger

Ques : The name of which of these states and its capital city starts with the same English letter ?
A. Uttarakhand   B. Karnataka   C. Sikkim   D. Maharastra
Ans :   D. Maharastra

Ques : According to the Puranas, which of these women married a man despite the fact that she knew he had only a year to live ?
A. Gandhari  B. Savitri   C. Madri  D. Shakuntala
Ans :  B. Savitri 

Ques : Which country sent women athletes to compete in the Olympics for the first time in 2012 ?
A. Iraq   B. Turkey   C. Saudi Arabia   D. Afghanistan
Ans : C. Saudi Arabia

Ques : Who, along with George Fenton, composed the music for Richard Attenborough's Oscar winning film 'Gandhi' ?
A. Satyajit Ray   B. Pt Ravi Shankar  C. Ustad Zakir Hussain  D. Pt. Shivkumar Sharma
Ans :  B. Pt Ravi Shankar

Ques : Dhondu Pant was the real name of which of these leaders of the revolt of 1857 ?
A. Tatya Tope  B. Nana Saheb  C. Kunwar Singh   D. Baji Rao II

Next fastest finger first question :

Ques : Starting with the northernmost , arrange these places, situated along the banks of the Ganga, moving in the direction of its flow ?
A. Haridwar   B. Gangotri  C. Allahabad  D. Ganga Sagar.

Next Student Contestant : Vinay Sharma, Punjab

Ques : Which of these is an international code of distress signal as well as an abbreviation of a Hindi film title ?
Ans : SOS

Ques : On the banks of which river is the city of Jammu located  ?
A. Sutlej    B. Tawi   C. Tapi  D. Jhelum
Ans : D. Jhelum

To Be continued with Vinay Sharma on Saturday........ 

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