KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Friday, December 28, 2012

KBC Questions of 44th Episode Dated 28th December 2012

Kya aap tayar hai KBC ke dhamakedar episode ke liye? Dekhna mat bhuliye aaj raat 8.30 baje sirf Sony Entertainment Television (India) par!....

 Introducing 10 Jodi Special New contestant :   
  •  Ramesh Chandra Dubey - Snehlata Dubey
  •  Priyanka - Jagwant Singh
  •  Rajesh Talokar - Shital Talokar
  •  Kashyap Kaneriya - Priti Kaneriya
  •  Rakesh Sood - Rajendra Kumar Phakka
  •  Roshan Kumar Singh - Aishwarya Singh
  •  Ashad Siddiqui  - Israt Jahan
  •  Joky D'Souza - Yegilda D'Souza
  •  R. Shankar Rao - R. Gopal Rao
  •  Farha Naz - Shehla Khan
First Fastest Finger First Question :

Ques : Arrange the following geometrical figures in Increasing order of the number of sides they have.
A. Decagon   B. Heptagon   C. Quadrilateral  D. Octagon
Ans : C - B - D -A .

First Contestant :    Priyanka - Jagwant Singh, Ghajjar Haryana

Ques 1 : Which of these is a food item which is also used to make laddoos ?
A. Bill    B. Til   C. Jhilmil  D. Dil
Ans : B. Til 

Ques 2 : Who among these is most likely to address you as "Chachaji" ?
A. Brother's daughter   B. Sister's Son
C. Wife's brother          D. Aunt's Son
Ans : A. Brother's daughter 

Ques 3 : In the context of Indian law, which of these are 'bailable' or 'non-bailable' ?
A. Witness   B. Judgement  C. Summons   D. Warrant
Ans : D. Warrant

Ques 4 : Which of these is a rabi crop ?
A. Paddy   B. Wheat   C. Sugarcane  D. Soyabean
Ans : B. Wheat 

Ques 5 : Who became the 'World's fastest Man', after running a distance of 100m in just 9.58 sec in 2009 ?
A. Asafa Powell   B. Carl Lewis   C. Yohan Blake   D. Usain Bolt
Ans : D. Usain Bolt

Ques 6 :The father of which of these MPs in the 15th Lok Sabha is the current chief minister of a state ?
A. Deepender Singh     B. Dushyant Singh   C. Agatha Sangma  D. Dimple Yadav
Ans : 

Ques :7 : Which of these places in Uttarakhand is situated at the confluence of the Alakananda and Mandakini Rivers ?
A. Rudraprayog    B. Devprayag   C. Badrinath   D. Karanprayag.
Ans :

Ques 8 : Which saint-poet was said to have been raised by a  Muslim couple, Nima and Niru ?
A. Surdas   B. Tulsidas   C. Kabir  D. Raidas

Ques 9 :In the Mahabharata  , who killed Dhrishtadyumna, the commander of the Pandava army ?
A. Dronacharya  B. Karna   C. Ashwatthama   D. Duhshasana

Earlier : Continuing with Seema Kumari........ 

Ques : Who among these was the paternal aunt of Krishna, according to the Mahabharata ?
A. Gandhari    B. Satyavati   C. Madri  D. Kunti

Ans :  D. Kunti

Ques : Which  of these Nobel Laureates was under arrest when he or she was declared a winner of the award ?
A. Martin Luther King Jr.  B. Yasser Arafat   C. Aung San Suu Kyl   D. Nelson Mandela

Ans :  C. Aung San Suu Kyl

Ques : Which of these elements was named after the native country of one of it's discovered ?
A. Indium  B. Niobium  C. Rubidium   D. Polonium

She Won 6,40,000/-

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