KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

KBC Questions of 45th Episode Dated 29th December 2012

Kya aap tayar hai KBC ke dhamakedar episode ke liye? Dekhna mat bhuliye aaj raat 8.30 baje sirf Sony Entertainment Television (India) par!....

  Today's fastest finger first question :

Ques :Starting from the earliest , arrange these pairs in chronological order of their first appearance together in Hindi films. 
A. Salman Khan - Katrina Kaif   
B. Raj Kapoor - Nargis  
C. Shah Rukh Khan - Kajol
D. Rajesh Khanna - Mumtaz   

Second contestant : Farha Naz - Shehla Khan 

Ques : Which  of these flowers have prickles on their stems ?
A. Genda    B. Kamal   C. Gulab  D. Rajanigandha
Ans : C. Gulab 

Ques : Which of these organs are found only in women ?
A. Appendix    B. Ovaries  C. Large Intestine   D. Pancreas
Ans :   B. Ovaries

Ques : In Which of these sports are a "ball" ,  "gloves" and "helmet" part of playing equipment ?
A. Hockey    B. Volleyball   C. Tennis   D. Badminton

Ques : According to Islamic tradition , in which month was the holy Quran revealed to the Prophet Mohammad ?
A. Muharram   B. Dhu al - Hijjah   C. Ramadan  D. Rajab

Ques : Which of these metals or non-metals is the main constituent of both brass and bronze ?
A. Carbon    B. Lead   C. Copper   D. Silver

Ques : Kanchenjunga is widely regarded as the guardian deity of which state ?
A. Assam   B. Arunachal Pradesh   C. West Bengal   D. Sikkim

Ques : On which of these routes does India's fastest passenger train run ?
A. New Delhi - Bhopal   
B. New Delhi - Jaipur   
C. Mumbai - Pune  
D. New Delhi - Lucknow 

Ques : Who is the only woman author to get the Jnanpith Award for Hindi literature ?
A. Shivani                B. Subhadra Kumari  Chauchan
C. Mahadevi Varma  D. Krishna Sobti

Ques : The first woman president of India, Pratibha Patil, was the first woman governor of which state ?
A. Maharashtra    B. Rajasthan    C. Gujarat   D. Goa

Ques : Where was Mughal empress Mumtaz Mahal originally buried in 1631 ?
A. Agra   B. Burhanpur    C. Gwalior    D. Lahore

=============Jodi Won 50 Lakhs=============

Next fastest finger question :

Ques : Arrange these ports in the order in which you will come across them, while traveling from Gujarat to Odisha by sea route.

Next Jodi : Kashyap Kaneriya - Priti Kaneriya.

Ques :1: 

Introducing 10 Jodi Special New contestant :   
  •  Ramesh Chandra Dubey - Snehlata Dubey
  •  Priyanka - Jagwant Singh
  •  Rajesh Talokar - Shital Talokar
  •  Kashyap Kaneriya - Priti Kaneriya
  •  Rakesh Sood - Rajendra Kumar Phakka
  •  Roshan Kumar Singh - Aishwarya Singh
  •  Ashad Siddiqui  - Israt Jahan
  •  Joky D'Souza - Yegilda D'Souza
  •  R. Shankar Rao - R. Gopal Rao
  •  Farha Naz - Shehla Khan

First Contestant was :    Priyanka - Jagwant Singh, Ghajjar Haryana

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