KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

KBC Registration Practice Question Set no 7

Kaun Banega Crorepati
Registration Question

Hello KBCians , the Registration for the Hotseat will start from 27th of May, but before that you need to pay little attention towards its preparation . As we promised earlier we are putting 10 sets of Registration Questions ( 10 Questions a day for 10 Days). All you need to remember these, it might be possible that, Amitabh Bachchan may ask one of them. So, go on. Here is the first Set of Question. First Try all the question on your own. Lastly answer will be published on Competition Infocus Site.

KBC Registration questions Set No 07 (22nd May 2013)

Ques 01 : In an equilateral triangle, how many sides are of equal length ?
A. One
B. Two
C. None
D. All

Ques 02 : Which of the following is a herbivore ?
A. Horse
B. Grizzly Bear
C. Cat
D. Seal

Ques 03 : According to Hindu mythology , whose weapon was the sudarshan Chakra?
A.  Dronacharya
B.  Bhishma
C.  Arjuna
D.  Vishnu

Ques 04 : Which of these oils is obtained from the fruit and not the seed of a plant?
A. Sunflower Oil
B. Peanut Oil
C. Sesame Oil
D. Olive Oil

Ques 05 : Which of these fruits is normally used for making wine ?
A. Grape
B. Mango
C. Apple
D. Guava

Ques 06 : The presence of which of these is not needed in a civil marriage?
A. Bride
B. Bridegroom
C. Registrar
D. Priest

Ques 07 : In which of these would the water normally be stationary ?
A.  Pond
B.  Waterfall
C.  River
D.  Fountain

Ques 08 : How many Zodaic signs are there ?
A. Ten
B. Twelve
C. Fourteen
D. Sixteen

Ques 09 : In which game would you use bishops , kings and queens ?
A.  Ludo
B.  Rummy
C.  Chess
D.  Bridge

Ques 10 : How many planets are there in the solar system ?
A. Nine
B. Twelve
C. Ten
D. Eight

Now, open your Notebook, note down the questions and find the probable answer and check your answer on the competition Infocus website or check the answer Below : 

Check the Correct answers


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