KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Friday, September 6, 2013

KBC-7 Questions of First Episode Dated 6th September 2013

Kaun Banega Crorepati is now Kaun Banega Mahacrorepati ; We have already uploaded the Details regarding the opening Ceremony of KBC 7 : In this Section We are putting only those questions which were asked by Amitabh Bachchan during the Episodes from the Contestant. So, Want to have collections of all the questions just log on to kbcofficial.in.

Sanmeet kaur also came as apart of game to motivate the KBCContestant. She told that KBc gave me lots of honour and I realy thank KBC for this. She told that She builded his home with her winning Amount. She told "Lahroho se Nauka paar Nahi hoto or, kosis karne walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti "

Introducing ten new Contestant :
1. Priti Panwar, Rohtak Haryana.
2. Sanjay Nath Jha, Chanpura, Madhubani, Bihar.
3. Hussain Moiz Soni, Jamnagar, Gujrat.
4. Neelam Malhotra, Dehradun, Uttrakhand.
5. Rajni Rajput, Bikaner, Rajasthan.
6. Joy Chaturvedi, Aligadh, Uttarpradesh.
7. Birendra Singh Bisisth, Nainital, Uttrakhand.
8. Sushma Mishra, Raipur, Chattisgadh.
9. Dr. Swarupa ramesh Aayer, Satara, Maharashtra.
10.Neelkamal Singh, Uttar Pradesh.

Fastest and Finger First Questions :

Out of best of three Fastest Finger First :
First Contestant of Today : Priti Panwar

Questions Dated 6th September 2013 asked form Priti Panwarare as :

1. Which of these sounds would you associate with the heart ?
A. Tring Tring  B. Tap Tap C. Click Click  D. Dhak Dhak

Answer : A. Tring Tring  
2.  Who is the ' Bharat Ka Veer Putra ', according to the title of a 2013 TV Series ?
A. Tipu Sultan B. Chandragupta Maurya  C. Maharana Pratap  D. Ashoka
Ans : C. Maharana Pratap

3. In 2013, Which Natural Calamity is known as Himalayan Sunami ?
A. Uttrakhand  B. Arunachal Pradesh  C. Jammu and Kashmir  D. Sikkim
Ans : A. Uttrakhand

4. Which film is this song from ?
A. Mere Dad Ki Maruti  B. Chennai Express C. Ghanchakkar  D. Race 2.
Ans : B. Chennai Express

5. In the Ramayana, Which demon impersonated Rama's voice, screaming, "Lakshman! Help me" ?
A. Surpanakha  B. Khara  C. Maricha  D. Dushana
Ans : C. Maricha

6. Who is the only leader to be elected Prime Minister of Pakistan three times ?
A. Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani  B. Benazir Bhutto  C. Liaqat Ali Khan D. Nawaz Sharif
Ans : D. Nawaz Sharif

7. The black widow, which eats the male counterpart after mating, as a female species of which animal ?
A. Sloth  B. Ant  C. Spider D. Termite
Ans : C. Spider

8. Douglas Engelbert, who passed away in 2013, is credited as the inventor of which of these products ?
A. Mobile Phone  B. Computer Mouse  C. Bluetooth Mouse  D. Digital camera
Ans : B. Computer Mouse

9. In 1850, the first experimental electric telegraph line in India was set up between Calcutta and which place ?
A. Diamond Harbour  B. Darjeeling  C. Murshidabad  D. Dhaka
Ans : A. Diamond Harbour.

10. Which of these persons has not walked on the Moon ?
A. Charles Duke  B. James A Lovell  C. Alan Bean  D. Pete Conrad
Ans : B. James A Lovell 

11. Who was the chairman of the Indian Calendar Reform Committee that initiated the adoption of Saka calendar as the Indian national Calendar ?
A. Meghnad Saha                     B. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
C. Prabodh Chandra Sengupta  D. Vainu Bappu

Ans : A. Meghnad Saha   

Preeti Panwar Won 25 lakh
Next Contestant : Sushma Mishra, Raipur, Chattisgadh.

Questions Dated 6th September 2013 asked form Sushma Mishra are as :

Ques :  'The Phrase '100 crore Club', often mentioned in Indian media nowadays, refers to which one of the following ?
A. Viewership of an IPL match  
B. Election expenditure  
C. Population of countries
D. Films' box office collections
Ans : D. Films' box office collections

Ques : The 'sasural' of which of these international sportsperson from India is in Pakistan ?
A. Saina Nehwal
B. Saina Mirza
C. Anisa Sayyed
D. Anjum Chopra
Ans :  B. Saina Mirza

Jackpot Question asked from Sardar Kuldeep Singh from Gharshila.

Ques : Which team retained the ashes Trophy in 2013 ?
A. Australia   B.  South Africa   C. West Indies   D. England
Ans : D. England


Ques : With Which of these cards would you associate the phrase 'Aam Aadmi ka Adhikaar'?
A. PAN Card  B. Voter ID Card  C. AADHAR Card  D. Ration Card
Ans : C. AADHAR Card

Ques : Which politician's voice is this ?
A. Naveen Patnaik  B. Kapil Sibal  C. Arun Jaitley  D. Shashi Tharoor
Ans : B. Kapil Sibal 

Continuing with Sushma Mishra, on Saturday as roll over

Rajni Rajput, Bikaner, Rajasthan was declared 
winner of all questions.

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