KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

KBC-7 Questions of 9th Episode Dated 22nd September 2013

Ranbeer Special Episode Live on Sony via KBC

Kaun Banega Mahacrorepati 

Earlier we saw that the Amit Kumar was playing on the Hotseat. Then at the end of episode Vekant Nag Kumar, make the KBC show large. Now, its Sunday and its fun time on the Hotseat of KBC. Today we will see Ranbeer Kapoor on the sets. He is coming to get publicity for his upcoming Besharam.
Introducing ten new Contestant of this Week:

1. Jahanvi Meghi, Gwahati, Assam.
2. Santosh Pathak, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh.
3. Amit Kumar, Sonipath, Haryana.
4. Priti Gupta, Patna, Bihar.
5. Puja Hada, Kota, Rajashtan.
6. Vekant Nag Kumar, Andhra Pradesh.
7. Vikas Baliyan, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.
8. Atasi Sutradhar, Kolkatta, West Bengal.
9. Sudha Mishra, Allahabad, Uttarpradesh.
10. Popat Daulati Kansudey, Maharasthra

Playing with Atasi Sutradhar, Kolkatta, West Bengal : She her Details Here 

::::::::::: : Place for Questions : ::::::::

Ques : Boal, Tengra and Magur are all species of which marine creature ?
A. Prawns  B. Fish   C. Crabs  D. Turtles
Ans : B. Fish

Ques : Metal tools and Machines are worshipped during which of these festivals ?
A. Baisakhi  B. Dhanteras  C. Vishvakarma Puja  D. Saraswati Puja
Ans : C. Vishvakarma Puja

Ques : Which of these is used as the universal symbol for the fight against HIV/AIDS?
A. Blue Circle  B. Red ribbon C. Pink ballon D. White bird
Ans : B. Red ribbon

She will be our rollover contestant on Monday 
i.e 27th October 2013.

Questions asked form Ranbir Kapoor on the KBC Hotseat

Ques :01 : According to the song "Ghagra", who is " Agra ki azeem funkara",  "Mallika-e husn" and "Noor-e-Nazar"?
A. Chanchal Chandramukhi  B. Khubsoorat Kalyani  
C. Mohatarma Mohini  D. Nishabd Nisha
Ans : C. Mohatarma Mohini 

Ques :02: Which of these is a popular game?
A. Twitter  B. Angry Birds  C. Whatsapp  D. Instagram
Ans : B. Angry Birds

Ques :03: 'Mona Darling', played by Bindu and Mahie Gill in films, was an associate of which villain ?
A. Teja  B. Mogambo  C. Gabbar  D. Shakaal
Ans : A. Teja 

Ques :04: Which of these is a type of visa that allows free movement across most European countries ?
A. Geneva  B. Schengen   C. Prague  D. Maastricht
Ans : B. Schengen

Ques :05: Identify the film from this tune.
A. Bobby   B. Amar Akbar Anthony   C. Hum Kisise Kum Naheen   D. Karz

Ques :06: Reita Faria, Diana Haydena and Yukta Mookhey have all won which of these titles ?
A. Miss Universe  B. Miss Earth  C. Miss Asia Pacific  D. Miss World
Ans :  D. Miss World

Ques :07: Which football club won the English Premier League in 2012 after a gap of 44 years?
A. Queens Park Rangers  B. Newcastle United  C. Liverpool  D. Manchester City

Ques :08: Which of these garments is named after an atoll in the Marshall Islands ?
A. Capris  B. Bikini  C. Bermuda  D. Hoodle
Ans : B. Bikini

Ques :09: Mother of the late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was the Begum of which princely state of India?
A.Gwalior   B. Alwar   C. Bhopal  D. Rampur
Ans : C. Bhopal

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