KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Priti Gupta, Patna, Bihar : KBC Contestant

First Contestant of the Week : 
Priti Gupta, Patna, Bihar

Ques No 01 : Which of these usually eaten hot ?
A. Rasgulla  B. Pakoda C. Laddu  D. Faluda
Ans : B. Pakoda

Ques No 02 : According to the popular song by Shreya Ghosal , who arrives to light "beedi and chillam" with her "husn ki teeli" ?
A. Sharmilli Sheila   B. Mazedaar Munni  C. Meethi Jalebi  D. Chikni Chameli
Ans : Chikni Chameli

Ques No 03 : Which of these is not a type of vitamin?
A. Vitamin A  B. Vitamin X  C. Vitamin D  D. Vitamin E
Ans : B. Vitamin X

Ques No 04 : Identify the Singer
A. Mahendra Kapoor  B. Mehdi Hassan  C. Jagjit Singh  D. Kishore Kumar
Ans : A. Mahendra Kapoor 

Ques 5 : The newborn of which of these mammals weighs the heaviest ?
A. Blue Whale  B. African Mammals  C. Hippopotamus   D. Gaint Panda
Ans : A. Blue Whale

Ques 6 : Which of these parties broke away from the NDA in June 2013, after a 17-year long alliance ?
A. Janata Dal (S)  B. Telugu Desam Party  C. Janata Dal ( United) D. Biju Janata Dal
Ans : C. Janata Dal ( United) 

Ques 7 : Which one of these states is the largest in area ?
A. Assam  B. Arunachal Pradesh C. Punjab   D. Haryana
Ans : B. Arunachal Pradesh

Ques 8 : Which of these sportsmen has not yet won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award ?
A. Anju Bobby George  B. Anjali Bhagwat   C. Krishna Poonia  D. Mary Kom
Ans : C. Krishna Poonia

Ques 9 : Which poem are these lines from : " Nari tum keval Shraddha ho, Vishwas-rajat-nag- pagtal mein, Piyush-srot-si baha karo, Jivan ke sunder samtal hein" ?
A. Aansu  B. Prem Pathik   C. kaanan Kusum  D. Kamayani
Ans : D. Kamayani

Ques 10 : Which is the only country, apart from India, where one can find the Indian rhinoceros in its natural Habitat ?
A. Bangladesh  B. Nepal  C. China  D. Sri Lanka
Ans :  B. Nepal  

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