KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

KBC-7 Questions of 22nd Episode Dated 26th October 2013

Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Question

Google Boy "Kautilya" is coming on KBC UP Next.......

During the Broadcast of KBC Show Episode , we will put the all KBC Questions and Ghar Baithe Jeeto jackpot Details. So, be ready and Stay tuned for the Knowledge full excitement.
Here are the List of Top Ten Contestant of the Day: ----
  • Nayan Jayantilal Solanki, Gujrat.
  • Surendra Kumar Sharma, Uttrakhand.
Here are the question asked from him :
Ques : Who was the first Woman Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha ?
A. Najma Heptullah  B. Pramila Dandawate  C. Pratibha Patil  D. Violet Alva
Ans : D. Violet Alva

Ques : Who was the leader of the first Indian Antarctic Expedition ?
A. Syed Juhur Kasim.
B. V K Raina
C. Harsh K Gupta
D. C P Vohra
Ans : A. Syed Juhur Kasim.

Next Contestant is : Surendra Kr. Sharma

Ques : If a person exercises his 'matadhikar', then which of these would he be doing ?
A. Writing a cheque  B. Voting  
C. Sending a Money Order D. Selling newspapers
Ans : B. Voting.

Ques : According to Hindu belief, which ashram do you enter when you get married?
A. Brahmacharya B. Grihastha C. Vanaprastha D. Sanyasa
Ans : B. Grihastha

Ques : Who won the Champions League Twenty20 in 2013?
A. Mumbai Indians B. Chennai Super Kings
C. Trinidad and Tobago  D. Rajasthan Royals.
Ans : A. Mumbai Indians

Ques : For his contribution in which field of economics was Amartya Sen Awarded the Nobel Prize ?
A. Macroeconomics analysis
B. Welfare economics
C. Monetary and Fiscal policy
D. Economic growth
Ans: C. Monetary and Fiscal policy

Ques : Which of these would not form the diet of Polar bears in their Natural Habitat ?
A. Penguins
B. Seals.
C. Fish
D. Young Walruses
Ans : A. Penguins

Ques : Whose biography is the book ' Awara Masiha', written by the novelist Vishnu Prabhakar ?
A. Raj Kapoor  B. Sarat Chandra Chatterjee
C. Surya Tripathi ' Nirala'  D. Kishore Kumar

Ans : B. Sarat Chandra Chatterjee.

Next Contestant : Neelam...

Ques : Which of these punctuation marks cannot be used to end a sentence ?
A. Exclamation Mark
B. Question Mark
C. Full Stop
D. Comma
Ans : D. Comma

Ques : Mastectomy is mainly associated with which of these diseases ?
A. AIDS  B. Breast Cancer C. Tuberculosis  D. Blood Cancer
Ans : B. Breast Cancer

Continue to play on Sunday........

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