KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Sandeep Kumar Singh, Ranchi, Jharkhand : KBC Contestant

Sandeep Kumar Singh, Ranchi, Jharkhand : 
KBC Contestant
Ques : Which of these can be purchased in 'dasta' or 'reams'?
A. Paper  B. Pencil  C. Pen D. Eraser.
Ans :  A. Paper 

Ques : Which of these is a widely used web browser of Microsoft ?
A. Firefox  B. Chrome  C. Internet Explorer  D. Safari
Ans : C. Internet Explorer

Ques : Which of these animals has branched horns?
A. Zebra  B. Musk Deer  C. Barasingha  D. Rhinoceros
Ans : C. Barasingha

Ques : On the banks of which of these rivers is a Union Territory of India located ?
A. Sutlej  B. Yamuna C. Shipra D. Ganga
Ans : B. Yamuna

To be continued with Sandeep Kumar Singh on Saturday.....

Questions asked on Saturday :

Ques : Which of these gods is also referred to as 'Banmaali' and 'Banvaari' ?
A. Krishna  B. Ganesh  C. Indra D. Varun
Ans : A. Krishna

Ques : Which of these body parts is capable of regenerating itself to a significant extent, even after donating a part of it ?
A. Kidney  B. Liver  C. Heart D. Lung
Ans : B. Liver 

Ques : Who is the first Indian cricketer to score 3 triple centuries in first class cricketer ?
A. Virat Kohli  B. V V S Laxman  C. Ravindra Jadeja D. Virendar Sehwag
Ans : C. Ravindra Jadeja

Ques : Which Mughal emperor was named after a sufi saint at the time of his birth ?
A. Akbar
B. Shah Jahan
C. Jahangir

D. Aurangzeb
Ans : C. Jahangir

Ques : Which organisation was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with Mohamed ElBaradei ?
C. Red Cross
Ans : A.  IAEA

Ques : Which one of these , among the ten highest mountain peaks in the world, is not in the Himalayas ?
A. Nanga Parbat  B. K2  C. Cho Oyu  D. Makalu
Ans : B. K2 
>>>>Thus , Sandeep Kumar Quits game at 12,50,000/-

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