KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Friday, November 8, 2013

KBC-7 Questions of 26th Episode Dated 8th November 2013 With Kautilya

KBC Questions asked from Kautilya

Kaun Banega Maha Crorepati

KBC School Champs Special Episode

Time has come to observe the real talent on the TV Quiz Show Kaun Banega Crorepati. Today Amitabh Bachchan himself will test the little. Nothing the say more. Just watch out the show and view the all the questions right here. All the questions will be updated during the show.
KBC School Champs : Students Contestant are as :

  1. Priyanka, New Delhi
  2. Rakshit Vivek, Navi Mumbai.
  3. Vaibhav Bettaih, Bihar.
  4. Gisha Patel, Surat Gujrat.
  5. Aayushi Hardia, Madhya Pradesh.
  6. Sumeet Ali, Maharashtra.
  7. Issue Bhagat, Lucknow.
  8. Komal Otala, Maharashtra.
  9. Nikhil Kumar, Himachal Pradesh.
  10. Smeet Madlani, Gujrat.
First Contestant : Smeet Madlani

Ques : What would you be doing if you are involved in 'khusur phusur' ?
A. Kahasuni  B. Nokjhok  C. Kanaphusi  D. Guzar Basar
Ans : C. Kanaphusi

Ques : What is the maximum number of 90-degree angles that a triangle can have ?
A. One  B. Two  C. Three  D. Zero
Ans : A. One

Ques : Who became the first Indian Idol Junior in 2013 ?
A. Anmol  B. Debanjana  C. Nirvesh  D. Anjana
Ans : D. Anjana

Ques : Which of these neighbours of India does not share a border with China ?
A. Bangladesh  B. Nepal  C. Bhutan  D. Myanmar

Ques : Letters from a Father to His Daughter's is a collection of 30 letters written by a father to whom ?
A. Meira Kumar  B. Benazir Bhutto  C. Indira Gandhi D. Nayantara Sehgal
Ans : C. Indira Gandhi

Ques : Soumyajit Ghosh, Achanta Sharath Kamal and Soumyadeep Roy all have been national Champions in which sport ?
A. Table Tennis  B. Squash  C. Tennis  D. Badminton

Ques : Who is the author of the books, 'Meluha ke Mrityunjay', ' Nagayo ka Rahasya' and ' Vayuputron ki Shapath' ?
A. Amitav Ghosh  B. Chetan Bhagat  C. Amish Tripathi  D. Arvind Adiga
Ans : C. Amish Tripathi 

Ques : Which of these historical personalities is also called Vardhman ?
A. Gautam Buddha  B. Mahavira  C. Ashoka  D. Chanakya
Ans : B. Mahavira  

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