KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Friday, November 15, 2013

KBC-7 Questions of 29th Episode Dated 15th November 2013

Kaun Banega Crorepati Game Show

Playing with Rollover contestant Suraj Tiwary. He Won 12,50,000/- and the KBC questions asked from him are :

Ques : According to Mahabharata princess Amba of Kashi was reborn as the daughter of which king ?
A. Ugrasen    B. Satyaki   C. Drupad  D. Jarasandha
Ans : C. Drupad

Ques : Against which country did Sachin Tendulkar play his only T20 International ?
A. Newzeland   B. Australia  C. England  D. South Africa
Ans : D. South Africa

Ques : Who filed the writ petition that led to the supreme court of India being convicted MPs and MLAs from contesting elections in 2013?
A. KTS Tulsi  B. Subramanyam Swami  
C. Lili Thomas D. Arvind Kejriwal
Ans : C. Lili Thomas

Thus, Suraj Tiway Won 12,50,000/-

Now, The Ram of 'Ram-Leela' entertains all and joins Mr. Amitabh Bachchan on the hot seat tonight on Kaun Banega Crorepati. 

Now Ten Contestant of the Day are :
1. Sunita Gupta
2. Kumar Piyush Bhatt
3. Ashok Kumar
4. Sushma Dwivedi
5. Ankita Rawal
6. Atanu Adhikari
7. Rajesh Burman
8. Namrata Yadu
9. Farzana Parashar
10. Marzi Bhesania

First Contestant of the day is : Namrata Yadu

Ques : In the absence of which of these would you call a dosa, a plain dosa?
A. Sambhar  B. Potato Stuffing  C. Chutney  D. Rice
Ans : B. Potato Stuffing 

Ques : Which of these film stars is married to a 'dil ka doctor' ?
A. Shilpa Shetty   B. Lara Dutta  C. Vidya Balan  D. Madhuri Dixit
Ans : D. Madhuri Dixit

Ques : Which of these is the name of a district in Madhya Pradesh ?
A. Sagar  B. Samudra  C. Mahasagar D. Jhil
Ans : A. Sagar 

Ques : The five-striped palm and the three-striped palm are species of which of these animals ?
A. Pig  B. Rat  C. Bat  D. Squirrel
Ans : D. Squirrel

We will continue with Namrata Yadu on saturday. Now , we will play with Ranveer Singh. Thus here are questions asked from Ranveer singh on KBC are as :

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