KBC Registration Question Day 3

KBC Registration Question Day 3
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

KBC-7 Questions of 30th Episode Dated 16th November 2013

Playing with Rollover contestant Namrata Yadu. She Won 25,00,000/- and the KBC questions asked from him are :

Ques : 'Playing to win: My Life.... On and Off Court' is an autobiography of which sports star ?
A. Leander Paes  B. Saina Nehwal  C. Sania Mirza D. Prakash Padukone
Ans :B. Saina Nehwal

Ques :  Which is the southernmost active volcano in the world?
A. Mt. Etna B. Mt. Erebus  C. Mt Yasur  D. Mt Bromo
Ans : B. Mt. Erebus

Ques : Which of these operations was launched by the Govt of India to evacuate Indian nationals from Libya during the 2011 Libyan civil War ?
A. Operation Raahat   B. Operation Safe Homecoming
C. Operation Sukoon   D. Operation Secure
Ans : B. Operation Safe Homecoming

Now Ten Contestant of the Day are :
1. Sunita Gupta
2. Kumar Piyush Bhatt
3. Ashok Kumar
4. Sushma Dwivedi
5. Ankita Rawal
6. Atanu Adhikari
7. Rajesh Burman
8. Namrata Yadu
9. Farzana Parashar
10. Marzi Bhesania

Next Contestant : Marzi Bhesania, He is from Gujrat..

Here are the Question asked from him

Ques : If you are checking your INBOX then which of these are you most likely doing ?
A. Checking your boxing skills B. Checking your intelligence
C. Checking your email           D. Checking your wardrobe
Ans : C. Checking your email   

Ques : Which of these metal alloys is made up mainly of copper and tin?
A. Brass  B. Bronze  C. Steel  D. Platinum
Ans : B. Bronze

Ques : Which of these is an airline owned by the Wadia group ?
A. GoAir  B. IndiGo  C. Jet Airways  D. SpiceJet
Ans : A. GoAir 

Ques  : Who among these was a direct descendant of Timur?
A. Babur   B. Mahmud of Ghazni  
C. Sher Shah Suri  D. Ibrahim Lodi
Ans : A. Babur 

Ques : Which of these birds lays the smallest eggs?
A. Crimson chat  B. Weebill  C. Hummingbird  D. Goldfinch
Ans : C. Hummingbird

Ques : The North Pole experiences how many days of complete sunlight each year ?
A. 24 hours  B. 7 days   C. 6 Months  D. 1 year

Next contestant : Sushma Dwivedi, from Allahabad Uttar Pradesh.

Ques : Which tree do Hindu women generally worship on the day of the vat Savitri Vrata ?
A. Peepal  B. Kela  C. Bargad  D. Bel
Ans : C. Bargad

Ques : Which of these memorials is located in the capital city of an Indian State?
A. Taj Mahal  B. Jallianwala Bagh  
C. Gol Gumbaz  D. Charminar
Ans : D. Charminar

Ques : In the Mahabharata, who gave Kunti a boon by which she could call upon any god and bear a son by him ?
A. Agastya  B. Durvasa  C. Parashurama  D. Dadhich
Ans : B. Durvasa

To be continued with Sushma on Sunday....


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